The 6 Best Hair Oils After Styling in 2022

While many women turn to moisturizing serums and gels to finish off their hairstyling routine, I’m a bigger fan of light yet nourishing hair oils. Not only does it add shine to add some glimmer to my tresses, but it also locks in the nourishing goodness of every product I’ve put in my hair.

But there are tons of oils in the market that claim they’re great for styling your hair. So much so that it’s a bit overwhelming to pick out one for you.

Should you go with a natural, organic oil or a blend of many oils and extra botanical extracts from your favorite brand? Check out your options here.

Our top picks: Best Hair Oil After Styling

There are so many options for hair oil out there. But when it comes to finishing off my styling routine, I have a few up my sleeve that I love more than others. Here are my top two hair oils for after styling, and why I think you should get them too.

Moroccanoil Treatment Oil – Best Overall

Summary box: This luxurious, spicy-smelling argan oil is a cult classic in the hair world for a reason. It conditions the hair while smoothing down frizz and flyaways. It also leaves your hair smelling exquisite after you finish styling it.

Review: If you have a penchant for luxurious hair products, you’ll devour this ultra-conditioning hair oil. It’s made with a blend of Moroccan argan oil and flaxseed extracts to soften your mane while adding brilliant shine. It’s the perfect ending to a fabulous hairstyling routine.

This oil is excellent at taming pesky frizz and stubborn flyaways, leaving your hair look sleek and smooth all day. It also boosts shine by up to 118%, leaving your hair radiant and glowy.

One of my favorite things about this oil is that it has a unique fragrance. It’s slightly musky because of the spicy amber, but it balances out well with floral and sweet notes. It makes for a fantastic signature scent!


  • Tames frizz and stubborn flyaways for sleek and smooth hair
  • Boosts shine for a glowy bounce
  • Conditions your hair to make it soft to the touch
  • Has a unique spicy amber and floral fragrance


  • Contains unnecessary artificial dyes and silicones

Why buy this? If you have super frizzy or dull hair, this oil can bring your locks back to life. It smooths down unruly hair while adding a gorgeous shine to lifeless strands.

Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Oil – Best for Strengthening Damaged Hair

Summary box: Damaged hair that feels brittle and dry will love this oil by Olaplex. It repairs your hair bonds to strengthen and fortify them, making them strong and bouncy again. Plus, its other benefits like heat protection, color vibrancy, and conditioning are also terrific!

Review: This bonding oil works to improve the integrity and health of your hair bonds, which you need when they’re compromised because of heat and chemical damage. It transforms your hair from fragile ad dehydrated to shiny, smooth, and silky-soft.

It also works as a heat protectant, keeping damage from high heat levels of up to 450°F at bay. So if you’re thinking of finishing your styling routine with a flat iron, you better slather this across your strands first.

Colored hair will love this oil. It protects your hair color from fading and even helps make it more vibrant and intense.

Beauty YouTube Sincerely Miss Ash says in her rave review of Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Oil, “It adds such vibrancy to my hair…it just enhances my blond and just makes it more fresh-looking.”


  • Repairs broken hair bonds for stronger, silkier hair
  • Protects your hair from heat levels of up to 450°F
  • Keeps your hair color vibrant and brilliant
  • Minimizes stubborn flyaways and frizziness


  • Quite expensive for the amount you get in one bottle

Why buy this? You need a bond-repairing oil like this if your hair has gone through damaging chemical processes like dye jobs or relaxers. It helps restructure and rebuild your hair health so that you can go back to luscious, strong hair in no time.

The runners-up: Four more products you’ll love

But the oils above aren’t the only ones that get an A+ from me. Here are other options you can check out if you want more high-quality, hair-loving options:

Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Miraculous Oil – Best for Deep Moisture

Summary box: If you have parched, dry locks, you’ll love this deeply moisturizing oil by Garnier. It has a blend of almond, avocado, and olive oils for the maximum hydration, quenching your hair of its thirst while adding a pretty glow.

Review: Your insanely dry hair will thank you for replenishing it with moisture when you use this Garnier oil. It’s called “Miraculous” for a reason—it has olive, avocado, and almond oils to zap away dryness and condition and soften your locks with deep moisture.

After using this oil, your hair will look and feel smoother and shinier than before. Although it’s made with rich oils, the formula is lightweight. That way, it will never leave your locks feeling heavy and looking gross and greasy.


  • Rich olive, almond, and avocado oils nourish the hair intensely
  • Leaves your hair smoother and shinier
  • Lightweight and never leaves your locks feeling heavy


  • Contains beta-carotene, which can leave light-colored hair looking brassy

Why buy this? Dry hair needs extra moisture and hydration from ultra-nourishing oils, like the ones used in this blend. You need this oil if you want to get rid of avid dryness and dehydration in your hair to bring back its elasticity.

Verb Ghost Oil – Best for Fine Hair

Summary box: This oil is perfect if you hate that heavy feeling rich oils like coconut and olive oils leave behind. Instead of greasiness, this lightweight oil doesn’t feel like you have an extra layer of product in your hair.

Review: This lightweight hair oil is called “Ghost” oil for a reason—you won’t even know that it’s there. It has hydrating moringa seed oil to smooth down any unruly hairs. There’s also some bamboo extracts and soy proteins to strengthen your hair follicles and lock in moisture from your other styling products.

You’ll have softer hair just with a few drops of this oil after your entire styling routine, giving you a touchable and silky finish. It even adds a layer of heat protection before you straighten or curl your hair with hot tools.

Hair content creator Tabitha Gingerich prefers this over other oils, as she says it “spreads so easily over the hands. It has a lot of slip, and it’s so easy to scrunch into the hair!”


  • Lightweight, so you won’t even feel like it’s there
  • Moringa seed oil smooths down your unruly mane
  • Bamboo extracts and soy proteins lock moisture in your locks
  • Softens your hair texture for a silky finish
  • Provides extra protection before you heat-style your hair


  • Might be too light for thick, curly hair

Why buy this? If you have fine, low-density hair, you need a super lightweight oil, lest you get stuck with weighed-down hair. This oil is perfect for you because it won’t be too heavy on your delicate strands, so you can enjoy volume and body.

Kate Blanc Organic Argan Oil – Best for Organic Lovers

Summary box: If you’re a fan of organic and clean beauty products, you’ll fall head over heels for this organic argan oil by Kate Blanc. It tames frizz, nourishes your locks, and calms down an irritated scalp without being bad to the environment.

Review: This organic, unrefined oil doesn’t have all those nasty chemicals that can irritate your hair and scalp. Because of argan oil’s penetrative properties, this oil sinks deep into your hair to moisturize it without leaving a greasy residue.

It smooths down your hair after you style it, taming unwanted frizz. You’ll elso get relief for any itching and dryness in your scalp, which is great if you have minor dandruff issues.


  • Organic and doesn’t have harsh chemicals
  • Sinks into your hair to moisturize it without a greasy residue
  • Tames frizz to make your hair look smooth
  • Provides relief to dry, itchy scalps
  • Has a glass dropper for easier distribution of product


  • Has an earthy, chemical-like scent

Why buy this? If you’re trying to be more responsible and eco-friendly with your purchases, you’ll love this organic oil. It doesn’t have those harsh chemicals and dyes that are harmful to your hair and the environment. You get to enjoy a natural product while flaunting super smooth hair.

Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Oil – Best for Silicone-Free Moisture and Strength

Summary box: This silicone-free treatment oil by Briogeo has everything your dream finishing oil should: moisturizing fatty acids, strengthening properties, and zero harsh chemicals!

Review: Moisturize and fortify your hair at the same time with this strengthening oil by Briogeo. It has lipids, fatty acids, and ceramides that make your hair more resilient. They work to repair any damage in your locks, from compromised bonds to split ends.

It’s also infused with botanical extracts, like rose and macadamia nut oils. These soften the hair, thanks to their antioxidants and vitamins.


  • Lipids, fatty acids, and ceramides strengthen and hydrate the hair deeply
  • Repairs damaged hair fibers and split ends
  • Safe to use on colored and keratin-treated hair
  • Doesn’t have potentially irritating ingredients like silicones, parabens, and sulfates


  • The scent can be too strong for some

Why buy this? This oil is a must for those with dry and weak hair but are trying to keep their hair care routine silicone-free for fear of product build-up. Instead of suffocating silicones and stripping sulfates, you’ll only get moisturizing and strengthening nutrients.

Four things to consider when buying

Still confused about what hair oil to choose for your hair after styling? When shopping in the beauty store aisle, remember these four considerations for your hair oil:

Your oil should be nourishing but not greasy

While you want to maximize the moisturizing benefits of your hair oil, it should never be too greasy unless you want your scalp to look like a disco ball.

Look for an oil that is light and can be absorbed by your strands for a healthy bounce, not one that will make your hair look overly slick and wet.

It shouldn’t be too heavy

Make sure the hair oil you choose for finishing your styling routine is lightweight.

When your oil is too heavy, it can weigh down your beautiful tresses, giving you no volume. What’s worse is when your oil pulls your hair down, making it look like it’s sticking to the sides of your head. Yikes!

Choose an oil that can provide heat protection

Oils are also known as natural heat protectants. They form a coating around your hair so that when you use heat tools or go under the sun, they prevent direct sun damage.

Some of these oils include argan oil, shea butter, avocado oil, almond oil, and more.

Look for frizz-defying power

If you have naturally unruly hair or live in a particularly humid environment, you’ll know how frizz can ruin any good hair day.

Look for a hair oil that can seal your cuticles and fight frizz from humidity and static so that you can flaunt smooth, silky hair all day.


Should I get oil with silicone in the ingredient list?

You can if it works for your hair.

Contrary to popular belief, silicones aren’t all that bad, especially when they’re applied at the end of your styling routine. Silicones help seal your cuticle, making it smoother.

Of course, it has its bad points too, like causing build-up.

Can I use a hair oil alone for styling?

It’s recommended to use a styling product like a curling gel or wave mousse before applying a finishing oil. Think of your hair oil as a topcoat for your finished hairdo, not an actual styling product.

Can I use hair oil if I have curly hair?

Yes, it’s highly recommended to nourish your hair with oil after styling naturally curly hair.

Curls tend to be more dehydrated than pin-straight hair, so it needs extra moisture. It also helps define your curl pattern.


Whether you’re going for a pure and natural carrier oil or a gorgeously fragranced finishing oil, the right hair oil for you will cap off your styling routine with shine, smoothness, and frizz-defying goodness.

So next time you’re stocking up on your styling products, think about ending your regimen with a lightweight yet ultra-nourishing hair oil. Once you see the new luminosity your locks will take on, you’ll never go back to just creams and gels.


I am Jessica Coles, a hairstyling and trends expert who also holds a master's degree in cosmetology. I am one of the leading hair care experts who has been offering support round the clock.

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