Best Hair Serum for Men in 2022

Like women, most men are also exposed to various hair chemicals, extreme hairstyling, and heat. Unfortunately, these make their hair more susceptible to damage as well. As such, it is truly worthwhile to have a regular hair care routine. 

However, for hair care, you shouldn’t just settle for shampoo and conditioner alone. It’s better to have hair products that will protect you from further hair damage. However, with so many products available, what should you go for?

This is where hair serum comes in. The best hair serums for men can help you keep your hair as healthy as possible. However, serums actually offer more benefits than this.

For example, they can nourish your scalp, protect your hair from frizz, repair damages to your hair, and many more. With that said, if you’re looking for the best hair serums for men, check out the article below.

Top 4 Best Hair Serums for Men

Best Overall: Kiehl’s Silk Groom Serum

Kiehl’s hair serum for men is one of the brand’s most popular products to date. It’s the perfect hair serum for you, especially if you have dry and frizzy hair.

Aside from protecting your hair from further damage, it can make your hair conditioned and smooth after hairstyling. It also nourishes your scalp and protects your hair in humid conditions.

Moreover, it also has a lightweight formula to achieve a non-greasy hair texture. Many customers have stated that the formula doesn’t weigh their hair down or feel greasy after application.

However, the product is slightly costlier than others, but it’s truly worth the price. In addition, it’s extremely popular among men who are always on the go. 

Best Features
  • Organic ingredients
  • Sun protection
Best For
  • Best hair texture after styling
  • Humid conditions
Rating 5/5


  • Maintains healthy hair despite chemicals from hairstyling
  • Protects hair and scalp from the sun
  • Frizz-free


  • A bit pricey

Caution: There are many unauthorized sellers online, so you should only buy from trusted sellers. 

Why buy this?

If your hair is exposed to too much styling, this will prevent hair damage. It is widely used by celebrities and models to keep their hair healthy and smooth.

Best for Humid Weather: Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum

Paul Mitchell’s Skinny Serum has been tested and proven to be one of the most effective serums available these days. 

It does a pretty good job of preventing hair frizz, dryness, and flyaway with its hair-taming ingredients and silk proteins. It also provides enough sun protection to avoid damages from sun exposure.

This product is best for men who don’t want to waste time while styling their hair. So, if you prefer walking out the door more quickly, this product is for you.

Best Features
  • Hair taming and silk protein ingredients
  • Sun protection
Best For
  • Humid season
  • Outdoor use
Rating 4.5/5


  • Protects hair from extreme humidity
  • Leaves hair shiny and fresh
  • Prevents frizz, split-ends, and flyaway


  • Smaller than expected for the price

Caution: It’s mostly sold out in stores, but you can buy it online.

Why buy this?

This product is best for those who love the outdoors or are constantly exposed to the outdoor elements. Whether you’re a beach person, an athlete, or a surfer, you can protect your hair from the harsh sun with this hair serum. It’s quick to apply and 

Best for Hair Loss: Kérastase Resistance Extentioniste Sérum

Kérastase is another leading brand for hair care. Because of this, you can expect that their hair serum won’t disappoint. In fact, it’s known for keeping the hair smooth throughout the day and night. Moreover, it also prevents hair from frizzing while keeping your scalp healthy. 

It’s also an excellent product for those experiencing hair loss problems. This is because it strengthens hair strands and the scalp. This allows for further hair growth later on.

Best Features
  • Highly concentrated serum
  • Best ingredients for hair loss and bald problems
Best For
  • Hair Frizz
  • Healthy Scalp
  • Hair loss
Rating 4/5


  • Prevents and remedies hair loss problems
  • Prevent hair frizz
  • Keep your scalp nourished and healthy


  • The formula can be too sticky

Caution: The formula can be sticky and feel heavy afterward, so make sure to apply the right amount.

Why buy this?

Hair loss and baldness are common in aging men, and this product can help remedy that. This is particularly helpful if you’re excessively exposed to the sun or chemicals.  

Best Value for Money: Garnier Fructis Serum

Smooth and healthy hair can be easily achieved with this inexpensive hair serum. It does an excellent job of nourishing your hair until it has sleek smoothness. This is due to the Moroccan argan oil that helps shield your hair from harmful UV rays.

As a result, it prevents your hair from frizzing or going dry. It also contains silicones that prevent your scalp from swelling in sweltering conditions.

Best Features
  • Morrocan argan oil
  • Silicones
Best For
  • Sensitive hair
  • Dryness and frizz
Rating 3.8/5


  • Affordable
  • Customers’ favorite
  • Anti-frizz and dryness


  • Can be heavy and greasy

Caution: Fine hair will weigh down if used excessively, so don’t over-apply this serum to your hair.

Why should you buy this?

Garnier hair serum is an affordable option, yet it offers uncompromising benefits. Moreover, this is easy to find because it’s widely available, whether online or at a local drug store.

Things to Consider When Buying Men Hair Serum

Finding the right hair care products for men can be daunting. After all, numerous products offer similar benefits, so you will need to be meticulous in your search. Otherwise, you might end up with buyer’s remorse.

To prevent this from happening, check out the factors men have to consider when choosing the best hair serum that will keep their hair well-groomed and healthy below.

Buy the ones suitable for your hair regimen

Your hair regimen should be the first thing you consider when looking for the best hair serum for men. Therefore, you need to ask questions like, “what is your hair regimen” and “are you going to use it daily or only on specific occasions?”

This is because some hair serums are meant for regular use, while others are for particular seasons only. So, look for a product that is suitable for your purpose or routine.

Choose natural over chemical ingredients

To ensure that your hair is as healthy as possible, it’s best to find a hair serum for men that’s water-based or has natural ingredients. Doing so can keep your hair adequately moisturized and healthier than ever. 

For example, coconut oil, argan oil, neem oil, and aloe vera are considered the most healthy ingredients in a hair serum. So, having these ingredients in your hair serum will surely boost your hair’s overall health. 

It’s best to avoid chemical ingredients because most hair damage is caused by chemicals, heat, and excessive hair styling. 

Read the label

To avoid further damage to your hair, you need to make sure that you buy the particular hair care product you need. 

This is because most brands have the same packaging even if they offer various hair care products. So, for instance, if you are looking for hair serum, you should buy the ones with the label “hair serum.” 

Reading the label can help you avoid buying the wrong product and risk damaging your hair further. This is because each hair care product is used differently. For example, conditioners are applied differently from hair serums, and they often have different benefits.

Go for products known for their quality

When it comes to hair serums for men, it would be best to go for products already known for offering excellent quality. Don’t be fooled by the marketing strategies of each brand. Instead, do your research and find the best ones you think are best suited for your hair’s needs.

Pick one with little to no scent

This might be the least important factor to consider when buying men’s hair serum. However, remember that you will be using the product daily so the smell will follow you wherever you are. If it’s too strong, you might get a headache due to the fragrance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often should I put hair serum on my hair?

A: It is best to apply hair serum every day or every 2 to 3 days after washing. Doing so will make your hair look moisturized and prevent flyaway and frizz.

Q: Where can I put hair serum?

A: Hair serum is usually applied along the hair strand or the length of your hair, unlike other hair care products used on the scalp. 

However, the serum shouldn’t be applied to your hair roots. Additionally, make sure to brush your hair afterward.

Q: Can you apply hair oil after putting in hair serum?

A: Yes, you can. In fact, you can even use hair serum right after a shower and then put on hair oil later on. 

However, make sure to apply these hair products to the length of your hair and not on your scalp or hair roots.

Q: Can I use hair serum before washing or while showering?

A: You can, but it’s best to only apply a squirt of the product before washing your hair. Using hair serum before washing makes the hair serum more effective. 

This is because doing so helps prevent dryness and frizz effectively. To ensure that your hair is protected while you wash your hair, you can apply more serum to your hair than usual.

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Nowadays, men can easily keep their hair healthy as there are various quality hair serums available. However, there are many to choose from on the market, so it’s best to follow the guide mentioned above. 

It contains the top products on the market and some tips on how to choose the best serum for your hair. However, it’s ultimately up to you which hair serum is most suitable for your hair and regular hair care routine.


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