10 Best Shampoos For Purple Hair That’s Worth Investing in 2022

Selecting the perfect best shampoo and conditioner for purple hair is no turkey shoot!  Be it platinum, cool ashy, or a blue global look that you have selected for your hair, retaining the color bondage of the same is a real challenge indeed. Often shampoo-buyers fail to select the ideal shampoo for themselves after coloring their hair. That’s when the purple color of your hair starts fading. However, you might face other hair problems as well.

To keep these problems at bay, you need to select the best shampoo for your purple hair to retain the longevity of the hair.

Obviously, being a first-timer, it might not be easy to shortlist the best shampoo for purple-colored hair for yourself. That’s why, before you buckle up for buying the best shampoo for purple hair, the following short tour might be worthy to ease the process of selecting the right shampoo for your purple hair.

Let’s browse through some of those, Best shampoos for purple hair.

Best Shampoo for Purple Hair with Reviews

1. Color Extending Blonde Hair Shampoo from Redken

As the winner of ‘Best of Beauty’, Redken color extending blond hair shampoo is a smart fit for purple hair due to many reasons. Apart from its capacity to repair damaged hair from the core, the Redken blonde hair shampoo is a smart choice for your purple hair too. Often, after dying the hair with a global color, a number of shampoo users have faced a common problem. It is none other than the shampoo for purple hair color turning fade, and brassiness in the hair.

The Redken shampoo is a perfect choice to fight every such yellow brassy tone appearing in your hair by enhancing the cool blonde tone in it. The citric acid in it assures that your hair retains the purple color for a long time without any chance to let it fade away and make your hair look dull and lifeless.

The anti-hair damage control facility in the shampoo is one of the major factors for which maximum users prefer it for themselves. A significant section of celebrities who are known for making a particular type of hair color as a trend-setter, also rely on this award-winning shampoo for purple-dyed hair from Redken.


  • Suitable for blonde and highlighted hair
  • Tones blonde purple hair
  • Neutralizes the yellow color
  • Contains purple pigments to fight unwanted brassiness
  • Chemically treated formula perfect for human hair
  • To get quick results, use it 2-3 times in a week


  • May not suit with dark blonde hair

2. Punky Purpledacious 3-in-1 Color Depositing Shampoo & Conditioner

The 3-in-1 color depositing shampoo from Punky color is a combo of shampoo and conditioner for purple hair that helps prevent the fading color more effectively. The Combo of Shampoo and conditioner from Punky Color is one of the popular shampoos for purple hair due to many reasons. Apart from intensifying the color in each wash, the combo conditioner with shampoo acts as a catalyst to rejuvenate damaged hair.  If you have hair locks, this one is suitable for you in every means.

The ammonia-free shampoo+conditioner can help you to moisturize your predacious hair-locks by brightening it that no other shampoo can assure. After applying it for 10-15 minutes, the shampoo assures an enhanced effect in your hair almost effortlessly.  Unlike other ordinary shampoos, Punky Color is free from Ammonia, Sulfate, Paraben, Peroxide, PPD, and Gluten which may cause sufficient harm to your hair if not being avoided while using a shampoo for controlling the hair fall. Post 3-4 washes, the Punky Color shampoo gives the best result with shiny and voluminous hair. That’s why it’s one of the most preferable brands of the well-famed hairdressers.

Due to its dual combination of shampoo and conditioner, maximum salons prefer this particular brand as it assures fresh color with shine, that’s preferred for the purple hairs.


  • Best value-added for the dollars you spend to get this for yourself
  • Contains vegetable protein, hydrolyzed quinoa, shea butter, Pro-Vitamin B-5, to add glow and shine in your hair
  • Punky Color’s 3-in-1 combination assures vibrancy and protects your hair color by adding a glowy impact in your hair.
  • Contains Verbascum flower impact to make your hair stronger and shiny than before
  • Composed with 100% hair-friendly chemicals


  • It comes with  a typical bubble-gum smell

3. PPD/Gluten-free Celeb Luxury Colorwash Depositing Shampoo

Being the primary choice of maximum celebrities, the Celeb Luxury Colorwash depositing shampoo is a smart fit in the category of the best shampoo for purple hair with locks and curls. Often ordinary shampoos might harm the texture and the glossiness of the hair post-global coloring or highlighting the hair with multiple purple streaks.

The Celeb Luxury, fade-free, zero sulfate toning shampoo is the best for purple colored hairs. The ammonia-free, 100% pure vegan shampoo contains patent-pending colorposit technology that ensures the durability of long purple hair. One of the most attractive features of this color deposit shampoo is, post each wash the shampoo adds brightness to your hair so that you can say goodbye to the lifeless faded hair, by enhancing smoothness and ensuring a hydrated appeal. Often it has been seen that harmful chemicals like parabens caused sufficient damage in the purple locked hairs. Well, the Celeb Luxury gluten-free shampoos are completely free from such harmful chemicals, with not more than 8.25 oz value.  Such 100% vegan free ingredients in the shampoo intensify moisturized hair quickly.


  • Perfect for curly locks, purple hair
  • Easy to use- Apply on the wet hair, leave it for 2 minutes after massaging and rinsing it gently
  • Maintain color vibrancy
  • To get quick results, use it with Viral Colorditioner
  • 100% vegan and peroxide free
  • Highly recommended by the international salons and hairdressing chains
  • Mineral-oil and formaldehyde-free


  • May not suit for those who have thin and straight  hair

4. Keracolor Clenditioner Color Depositing Conditioner Colorwash

Getting excessive split ends after coloring your hair is a normal sign that you can witness every now and then. But if you add the name of Keracolor in your list, you can easily bid adieu to the problem of split ends in a jiffy. This purple conditioner for color depositing wash easily heals hair breakage and split end issues. Post every wash the texture of your hair is hydrated and the color looks more prominent and smoothes the hair texture.

Be it a wedding ceremony or a blind date, people are very much concerned about each and every individual attire they carry. If the camera lenses catch the slightest damage in the hair, automatically, the whole endeavor to look perfect will be ruined. Apart from that, a complete look is not really complete unless you get that ‘perfect hair day’.  The Keracolor shampoo is definitely worth buying for those who’re more than cautious about the hair and always look at the mirror before posing at the camera.

Whether it’s a burgundy mixed with brown streaks in a global purple color or a bold red with purple in the base, Keracolor is a suitable match to retain the actual color effect of all these combinations.


  • Fits for the dual purpose fit- can be used as a shampoo as well as a conditioner.
  • Maintains color radiance.
  • Assures longevity of the hair.
  • Easy to use- apply, leave it for 2-3 minutes to sit, and then rinse it.
  • The low foam conditioner cleanses dirt and dust and removes debris suitably.
  • Perfect to combat color erosion and strengthening the base of your hair suitably.


  • Might not suit malnutritioned light thin blonde hairs.

5. Silver/Purple depositing color shampoo from Matrix

Known for long-lasting results and superior shine in silver/purple-colored hairs, Matrix color depositing shampoo is known for its worldwide brand reputation. Being the first preference of the hairdressers who earned fame for their iconic hairstyles, Matrix unisex shampoos are the first preference of world-wide celebrities. Apart from removing brassiness from the hair, Matrix Total Result shampoo is known for dull yellow tones from brown hairs. Post coloring, the users have found multiple side effects like color fading, head scalp getting dry, etc.

That’s why the manufacturers have rejected the usage of harmful chemicals like gluten and ammonia in it and even denied the act of testing it on animals. The pure vegan ingredients in the shampoo for purple hair is a smart fit for your colored hair in every means. That way, you can always select the right shampoo for your newly colored hair.


  • Strengthens the base of your hair
  • Adds glowy impact in your purple hair after each wash
  • Easy to use- apply, leave for 3-4 minutes, and then rinse it slowly after putting gloves
  • Controls hair stripping and removes unwanted brassy warmth from the hair by re-strengthening the hair-base with required nutrition


  • May not suit with recently bleached hairs

6. Sulfate and Parateen free purple shampoo for bleached hair- from Luseta

Ordinary shampoos may not suit your recently toned and bleached hair due to many reasons. That’s the only reason for which Sulfate and parateen shampoo from Luseta is the best for purple colored hair which requires the right nutrition and proper care for the maintenance of the color impact in it.

Many with blonde gray hair will be often visiting the salons and taking appointments from the reputed hair-dressers for washing their hair to get the shiny impact of recently bleached hair. If you’re one of those, then Luseta shampoo should definitely be on your buying list. With additional hair repairing ingredients like coconut extracts, chemical-free organic materials that enhance the color deposit of your hair, your hair will always look as glowy as the celebrities flaunting their hairs in the film premiers and festivals.

This dual combo of sulfate-free shampoo plus conditioner not only assures shine of your recently bleached hair, rather adds radiance in it. The Vitamin E ingredients in its repair hair follicles enhance healthy growth and help in restoring hair to add a glowy impact in it. The organically manufactured 5.5.-6.6 pH level in the shampoo is another reason for which it’s being highly preferred by the users.


  • Removes dull yellow look
  • Repairs the dull yellow-grey hair and the split ends to make the hair look more shiny and glowy than before
  • Perfect for skin soothing, ideal for keratin and color-treated hair in every means
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Never used on animals for testing
  • Perfect hair repair shampoo for dry scalp and fragile hair
  • Noticeable results within 2 weeks


  • May not fit with the hair post highlighting it recently

7. Brassiness eliminating instant purple shampoo from GBG

GBG’s instant purple shampoo is suitable for every blonde hair that’s ‘just right’ for your recently purple colored hair. After visiting the salon, GBG color depositing shampoo not only adds glow to your newly colored hair, rather also adds a shiny impact in it to make it look perfect like a celebrity’s hair.

The high-performance organic hair toner ingredients in the shampoo are the best option to retain the purple color in your blonde hair. GBG shampoo for purple hair is the ultimate choice of the hairstylists and hair dresser’s because it can retain colors like blue, grey, purple, and silver platinum hairs. The best part of this product is, it contains photo stabilizer UV protection that extends the time between adding color in your hair and also contains collagen to fight hair-damage.


  • Controls breakage and split ends
  • Removes yellow tones and brassiness from gorgeous hair
  • Rich fresh organic compounds are an added ingredient in the shampoo, which includes rich blonde indulgent shampoo lather, organic materials from coconut oil, leaving the hair completely smooth and soft and silky
  • Easy to use- apply it in wet hair, leave it for 2-5 minutes and rinse it, to find the best aftereffect in it.
  • 100% cruelty-free and purely vegan


  • Price is fairly high than other shampoos belonging from similar brands

8. Sulfate-free ever pure Loreal Paris over toning shampoo

Being one of the most reputed shampoo manufacturing brands all over the world, that’s endorsed by celebrities like Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Lopez, Jane Fonda, Freida Pinto, etc. The sulfate-free ever pure Loreal Paris is definitely going to be your type of choice when it’s about coloring and toning your brassy grey hair. Lo’Real Paris’s sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner neutralize the yellow, grey, brassy tones in your hair.

With hibiscus and purple dye ingredients, the dual combination of shampoo and conditioner is perfect for your hair after coloring and bleaching. The hibiscus extract used in the shampoo makes your hair glowy and deeply moisturized. The formula of the toner shampoo + conditioner is 100% sulfate-free, paraben-free, and free from harsh salts. The gluten-free vegan formula is never tested on animals.


  • Brightens the toned orange and yellow hair by making it better
  • The hair treatment system offered by Lo’Real Paris is perfect for blonde, highlighted, bleached hair, brown and silver hair
  • The 100% sulfate-free toner shampoo and conditioner is perfect for the hairs that require color treatment
  • For best performance, use the hair care shampoo and conditioner for 2-3 times a week, instead of normal shampoo and conditioner routine
  • Perfect for highlighted balayage, hair painted and foil highlighted hairs.


  • May not suit itchy scalp/ dandruff inflicted scalps.

9. Keratin Purple Toning shampoo with Vitamin

Keratin shampoo for purple hair is ‘must’ in your buying list if you’re looking for a shampoo that fights brassy yellow tones in your recently colored purple hair. Apart from removing brassiness in your toned yellow hair, it’s the shampoo for purple color treated hair that has intense toning pigment for lightening the recently colored or bleached hair.

The Moroccan oil extracts used in its hydrates complex hair with herbal treatment for turning the hair smooth and shiny. After trying multiple color shades in your hair, your hair might lack sufficient nutrition elements in it. With Keratin shampoo you can add nutrients in the hair by removing the orange brassiness tones from your hair.

The anti-frizz moisturizing treatment in the hair gives shine to your coarse thick wavy curly hair. With cruelty, paraben, and sulfate-free ingredients, Keratin shampoo has been providing the best unisex shampoo for multiple needs. Their products are known for unique chemical combinations that are perfect for hair restorative moisture therapy for controlling hair damage control and your hair’s health.


  • Removes orange-yellow and brassy tones from the hair
  • Perfect for bleached blonde highlighted hair
  • Contains UV protection brightener for silky smooth hair
  • Perfect for hydration care to repair damaged hair
  • Contains a brightening booster for light brown hair
  • Repairs Keratin split ends and brittle hair


  • Can’t be used without wearing protective gloves

10. Purple toning shampoo from Blond wood Labs

Known for coloring multiple types of hair, the best purple coloring shampoo from Blond wood Labs is the right choice for you. Developed especially for removing the brassy undertones, this shampoo is a smart fit in your buying preferences because this purple toning shampoo retains the color impact for more than additional 3 weeks than the ordinary color depository shampoos.

The purple shampoo contains silk protection and yellow avocado oil for maintaining the conditioning of your hair perfectly with the right coloring effect. Apart from reducing damage from UV rays, this shampoo provides suitable nutrition for your hair. The shampoo fills your hair with mesmerizing shimmer lights. Apart from enhancing your hair beauty, the shampoo provides high-quality hair care at home. None of the Blond wood products are ever tested on animals. They’re purely vegan and 100% cruelty-free.


  • Reduces yellow and brassy undertones by making your hair silkier and smoother than before
  • Removes unwanted hues and neutralizes ice cool tones in your hair
  • Keeps the color of your hair purple as it is for at least more than 3 weeks of time than any ordinary shampoo
  • Suitably enhances your hair beauty and keeps it healthy
  • It’s manufactured according to the strict World manufacturing laws and was not tested on animals. Provides natural herbal extracts to provide high-quality hair care for your home


  • It May not suit every type of hair

By now, you must have realized the importance of using purple solar depositing shampoo for your recently colored purple hair. Some of the following buying tips might assist you to select an ideal shampoo for your purple-colored hair.

Buying Guide To HandPick The Best Shampoo for Your Purple Hair 

Knowing your hair type

It’s important to know your hair type before investing in a shampoo for your purple hair that you’re planning to use. If your recently colored purple hair does not suit the shampoo then it’s a sheer wastage of dollars for buying one such shampoo. Further, it might affect the health of your hair, by turning it weaker. It can be far worse than that, you can even spot tones of yellow brassiness on your hair. That’s why, before investing in a purple shampoo that you think as the best for your hair, try to find out how suitable it is for your hair.

If you’re finding it hard to select the right shampoos for your purple hair, you might scan the internet searching for the best purple shampoos for purple hair to add a shiny glowy effect in your recently colored hair.

Choosing the right shampoo for your purple hair

There are plenty of shampoos available online for your purple hair. You need to choose a shampoo that retains purple color, enhances the glow, and reduces toning and yellow greyish tones in your hair. For that, you might try the Lo’Real Paris color depositing shampoo, Redken color extending shampoo as well. However, the best shampoo for purple hair should be chosen after reading a proper guide and reviews.

Must be purely vegan

Try to avoid gluten, ammonia base shampoos which can reduce the nutrition of your hair and the natural beauty of it. It’s best to choose a shampoo for purple hair that’s clinically approved and has a balanced pH value. Such shampoos can always add a shiny glow in your hair. That way, you might seek the right shampoo for your hair. Try to choose only those shampoos that are free from gluten, ammonia, and other chemical components that damage the texture of your hair. Such shampoos will always be considered suitable for damaged hair.

Few Things to Remember While Using the Purple Shampoo

How to apply Purple Shampoo in your Hair?

  • Get your hair wet before applying it in your hair.
  • Wear the gloves and take it on your palm, mix it, and apply it in your hair.
  • Let it sit for some time – say for 2-3 minutes and then rinse it gently as much as you can. Continue rinsing till it gets completely washed away from your hair. Once that’s done, you can wash it off suitably.

You can find the difference before and after applying it. That way, you can always see the difference before and after easily.

When to Use Purple Hair Shampoo?

Before visiting the salons for giving coloring touchups in your hair, or highlighting the hair with multiple color streaks, apply it for once. After applying the color, come back home and use it back again. You can see the impact of it within a week itself.

Is it Necessary to Wear Gloves Before Using Purple Hair Shampoo?

Well, it’s not necessary for you to wear gloves while applying it in the hair unless you’re too irritated with the smell. Some of the shampoos might have an irritating smell that often the users have found a pretty annoying one. If you think that the smell of the shampoo might irritate you, you can take a precaution well beforehand and use gloves while applying it in your hair. That way, you can avoid the irritating smell while applying the best shampoo for your purple hair and just enjoy the ever-lasting impact.

Final Conclusion

Though there are plenty of shampoos available for purple hair in the market. However, before investing your hard-earned dollars in it, try to figure out the pros and cons associated with it. One such initiative might assist you to seek the right type of purple hair shampoo to take good care of your hair.  When you find your best shampoo, you can easily get that perfect shiny and bright look for your colored hair.


I am Jessica Coles, a hairstyling and trends expert who also holds a master's degree in cosmetology. I am one of the leading hair care experts who has been offering support round the clock.

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