Top 11 Best Shampoos for Static Hair in 2022

Static hair may be caused due to a number of reasons such as humidity, central heating, or brushing.

People are always looking for the best shampoo for static hair which will help to make their hair manageable and static-free. Have you ever wondered what causes your hair to become static?

Your hair tends to become static when the electrons that are negatively charged fly off the hair strands. This leaves your hair filled with positive charges. These positive charges repel one another, thereby resulting in unmanageable hair.

flyaway hair may be difficult to manage, tame, or style. However, with these best shampoos for flyaway static hair available in the market, you can take good care of your static hair.

The 11 Best Shampoo for Static Hair Reviews

Finding the right static hair shampoo that will leave it frizz-free and nourished is not an easy task. Given below is a list of the best and most opted for shampoos for static hair. Read on to find out:

Brandywine Non-Static Shampoo & Revitalizing Conditioner

Are you tired of looking for a shampoo for dry static hair in the market? The set of Brandywine non-static shampoo and revitalizing conditioner is sure to help you out.

The set contains one bottle of non-static hair shampoos and a revitalizing shampoo, each of which has a capacity of 8 ounces. People who wear wigs face a hard time trying to decide which static hair shampoo to use for their hair.

Once you bring this anti-static shampoo home, you will be able to take the best care of your synthetic hair. The product not only shows great results on artificial hair but is also suitable for natural hair.

When you apply this shampoo to your hair, it will leave your hair feeling fresh, light, and non-greasy for long hours! For the best results, it is ideal to couple the shampoo with the hair conditioner of the same brand. After washing your hair with the shampoo, apply conditioner on damp hair, leave it on for some time, and rinse off.


  • The product does not contain harmful chemicals that might go harsh on your hair.
  • It is made of all-natural ingredients.
  • Your hair will feel soft and nourished after you use the shampoo.
  • The shampoo helps to prevent frizz.
  • Your hair will remain manageable for a long time.


  • The shampoo does not work well on hair extensions.

BIOLAGE Smoothproof Paraben-Free Shampoo For Frizzy & Static Hair

Are you tired of damaged, frizzy, and flyaway hair? Is your hair getting difficult to style and keep in place? Bring home the best solution for any hair type.

As the name suggests, the BIOLAGE hair shampoo incorporates the use of different kinds of natural ingredients.

The main inspiration has been drawn from camellia that is water-resistant. The shampoo provides the best results to those who are looking for the ideal and the most suitable shampoo for static flyaway hair.

No matter if your hair is curly, wavy, or frizzy; once you bring home this therapeutic solution, you will get the results from the very first usage. The shampoo protects the hair against damage by building a protective shield all around it.

One of the most remarkable features of this shampoo is that it is paraben-free. Therefore, one can easily use shampoo to wash color-treated hair.


  • All the ingredients used in the shampoo are natural.
  • The shampoo is suitable for all types of hair.
  • It has a mild scent that leaves your hair fresh-smelling.
  • As the shampoo is paraben-free, one can use it to wash colored hair without the color fading.
  • Ideal for daily use.


  • Needs to be coupled with a conditioner.
  • The consistency is runny.
  • Slightly expensive.

Redken Frizz Dismiss Shampoo for Static & Frizzy Hair

Looking for a chemical-free solution to tame your static hair? The REDKEN shampoo is mild and gentle on your hair.

The shampoo is free from sodium chloride and sulfate, which protects your hair against any kind of damage. You are sure to feel the smoothness right from the first use. It can be used for all kinds of hair.

After washing your hair with this static hair shampoo, your hair will feel nourished, smooth, and moisturized. The shampoo also imparts shine and a lingering aroma to your hair.

Due to such a large number of benefits at such an affordable range, this anti-static shampoo has acquired immense popularity among people.


  • The shampoo helps to keep hair frizz under control.
  • The sulfate and chloride-free composition make the shampoo suitable for all kinds of hair.
  • It deep-cleanses the hair.
  • Your hair will feel shiny.
  • The shampoo has a nice smell.


  • It dries out the scalp.
  • Tends to straighten curly hair to some extent.

BOTANIC HEARTH Peppermint Oil Shampoo And Conditioner Set

The pursuit of the best anti-static shampoo is never-ending. However, the BOTANIC HEARTH shampoo and conditioner set is going to ease your stress to some extent.

As it is infused with the goodness of peppermint oil, the shampoo rejuvenates your hair and makes it look fresh. If you check the list of ingredients, you will come across a list of natural ingredients.

These ingredients cleanse not only your hair but also promote the growth of long lustrous hair. The peppermint essential oil imparts a fresh aroma to your hair.

If you couple the hair shampoo with the BOTANIC HEARTH conditioner, it will leave your scalp clean, fresh, and cool for long hours. The peppermint essential oil is gentle on hair, making the shampoo suitable for regular use.


  • The shampoo can be used to wash colored hair.
  • It leaves a lingering freshness.
  • The peppermint oil imparts a refreshing smell.
  • The shampoo promotes hair growth.
  • The shampoo is suitable for regular use.


  • Some people experience allergic reactions.
  • The shampoo has to be washed with plenty of water.

Awesome Human Wig Shampoo [pH5] – Top Professional Wig Care Solution

The main motive of static hair shampoos is to prevent drying of the hair. The Awesome Human Wig Shampoo is the best shampoo that can be used for washing wigs as it helps to retain the moisture in the wigs.

The shampoo does not have any added artificial fragrance. This leaves the hair fresh-smelling for a long time. As we all know, coconut oil is very beneficial for our hair.

With this shampoo, you can keep your wig that is made of human hair, nourished, healthy, and shiny. Coconut oil improves the quality of the hair and eliminates the risk of damage. The shampoo also adds volume to the hair and imparts a shine to it.

For best results, wash your hair with shampoo every time it starts feeling greasy. You can also team the shampoo up with a conditioning spray.


  • Your hair will feel bouncy.
  • The shampoo helps to moisturize the hair.
  • There is no artificial aroma.
  • It can be used for natural hair as well.
  • Deep-cleanses your hair and removes grease.


  • It is advisable not to blow-dry the hair after washing it using this shampoo.
  • The shampoo does not lather much.

Aveeno Scalp Soothing Almond Oil Blend Shampoo

How many natural ingredients do you want in your shampoo and conditioner for static hair? What if I present to you a shampoo that is infused with the goodness of nature?

Infused with a number of natural ingredients such as oat, avocado oil, almond oil, and so on, give your hair the best of what it deserves.

The avocado and almond oil in this shampoo helps to nourish the hair from the roots to the tips. Right from the first wash, you will feel the nourishment locked in each hair strand.

Apart from that, the moisturizing properties of almond and avocado oil extracts are suitable for thick, curly hair. As the shampoo does not contain any chemicals, it can easily be used to wash color-treated hair.

The shampoo nourished your hair from the roots to the scalp. Once you bring home this product, your hair-care routine will strike the perfect balance between nourishment and fashion.


  • It is paraben-free and can be used for treating colored hair.
  • The almond and avocado oils help to nourish the hair.
  • It is suitable to be used for perm hair.
  • The shampoo is also gentle on your scalp.
  • It has a sweet fragrance.


  • Some of the users have opined that the shampoo does not mix well with hair.
  • It tends to tangle your hair.

MAJESTIC PURE Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo And Avocado Coconut Conditioner Set

The benefits of apple cider vinegar, coconut, and avocado on one’s hair cannot be emphasized enough. If you want to pamper your hair with the best of these natural ingredients, bring home the shampoo and conditioner set by MAJESTIC PURE. The shampoo helps to keep your hair and scalp healthy and hydrated for a long time.

As the shampoo and conditioner are sulfate-free, it is ideal to be used on a regular basis. If one uses the shampoo and conditioner set, it can prevent the growth of unwanted build-ups.

The shampoo is gentle to be used for different kinds of hair. If you are suffering from troubles like frizz, dandruff, or itchy scalp, this shampoo will provide the perfect solution to all your problems.


  • The shampoo helps to protect hair color.
  • It is devoid of sulfate or any other chemical.
  • Can be used on different kinds of hair.
  • The natural ingredients keep the hair hydrated.
  • The shampoo prevents frizz.


  • Some people may be allergic to this product.

Luseta Curl Enhancing Coconut Oil Shampoo & Conditioner Set

When you wash your hair with a gentle cleanser, each of your hair strands is nourished. This, in turn, makes your hair bouncy and makes it look shiny.

The ingredients used in the composition of this shampoo are very lightweight. All the ingredients used in the manufacturing of this shampoo are natural.

The coconut oil present in the hair shampoo is known for its moisturizing properties, and it nourishes the hair. Ever since you start using this static shampoo, your hair will feel much shinier.

The shampoo is also known for its curl-enhancing properties which will make your hair look voluminous. As the shampoo is power-packed with a number of beneficial fats and vitamins, it can promote hair growth.

Get ready to have easy, manageable curls that do not weigh your head down! Bring home this best anti-static shampoo.


  • The shampoo uses natural ingredients such as rosemary leaf oil extract, coconut oil, and so on.
  • The shampoo gives a thicker and fuller appearance to your hair.
  • It can help you get rid of itchy and flaky scalp.
  • It is ideally suited for oily hair.
  • The shampoo helps to reduce hair frizz.
  • It is paraben-free, which makes it suitable for being used on colored hair.


  • The shampoo is not fit to be used on dry scalp.

Living proof No Frizz Shampoo (Anti Static)

Want to get rid of frizzy and dry hair? The hydrating formula of the Living Proof No Frizz shampoo has a unique composition that can cleanse the hair and effectively block humidity so that the hair can retain moisture.

The shampoo contains PolyfluoroEster that forms a protective shield of moisture over the hair. This shield helps to repel the oil, dirt, or any other greasy substance that might be accumulating on your hair.

When applied on damp hair, the shampoo forms a rich lather. Only a few drops of shampoo are sufficient to make your medium-length hair squeaky clean!

Once you wash your hair with this shampoo, your hair will feel smooth and shiny for 3-4 days until you wash your hair again.


  • The shampoo locks moisture in your hair.
  • Anti-frizz.
  • It promotes hair growth.
  • The shampoo washes the grease off your hair.
  • It forms a rich lather.


  • The shampoo has a runny consistency.
  • Some people do not get a proper idea about how much shampoo they need to use to wash their length of hair.

Pure Brazilian – Anti Frizz Daily Shampoo – Salt-Free, Color Safe

Are you looking forward to trying out a salt-free daily shampooing that can deep-cleansing your hair without drying it out? The Pure Brazilian Anti-frizz shampoo is one of the best products for frizzy hair.

The shampoo is rich in keratin and various kinds of vital nutrients that not only help to enrich the quality of hair, but also prevent the risk of hair breakage and split ends. The shampoo does not contain harmful chemicals. It is also suitable to be used on hair that is color-treated.

The formula used in formulating the shampoo helps in improving the quality and texture of hair and strengthens the cuticles. After washing your hair with shampoo, your hair will have a lovely aroma. Get ready to bring home a shampoo that is easy to apply, and gives excellent results!


  • The outcome of using shampoo is equivalent to a salon treatment.
  • It prevents hair breakage by strengthening the hair cuticles.
  • The shampoo eliminates frizzy hair.
  • The ingredients used are natural.
  • You do not have to blow-dry your hair.
  • Hair does not tangle.


  • The consistency is slightly runny.
  • The price is slightly on the higher side.

Maui Moisture Smooth & Repair + Vanilla Bean Shampoo

As the name suggests, the shampoo by Maui Moisture helps to hydrate your hair and repairs it from within!

The shampoo has a creamy texture and is free from the sulfate. The composition states the use of all-natural ingredients such as vanilla bean, kukui nut oil, and cocoa butter, all of which help in smoothening the hair.

After washing your hair with this shampoo, your hair will feel soft, smooth, and less static.

The shampoo can help to tame even the most stubborn and unruly locks. The formula is rich enough to eliminate the coarseness of hair, leaving it smooth and manageable for a long time.

For the best results, it is ideal to couple the shampoo with a conditioner. The shampoo is also pH balanced, silicone-free, and does not contain paraben, which makes it a good choice for washing color-treated hair.


  • The shampoo contains a blend of coconut water and aloe vera juice which moisturizes the hair.
  • It is pH balanced, which helps to prevent the harshness of the hair.
  • All the ingredients used are 100% natural.
  • Suitable for different kinds of hair textures.
  • Results in healthier looking hair if used regularly.


  • The packaging looks slightly unappealing.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Shampoo for Static Hair

The shampoo is made to go through a thorough testing procedure before it is made available to people. All the shampoos available in the market have varying compositions that perform various kinds of functions and are suitable for varying hair types.

Here are some of the factors that you need to consider before you invest in a shampoo for static hair:

  • Pick up a shampoo that is pH neutral. Shampoos that have a high chemical or acidic content tend to cause considerable damage to the hair. They make the hair coarse and frizzy. The best product for static hair is the one whose pH lies between the ranges 5-7.
  • Another important factor that one should keep in mind before buying a shampoo for static hair is that the shampoo should not contain ammonia. Ammonia tends to open up the hair cuticles. This makes the hair brittle. If you use ammonia shampoo for a prolonged time, your hair will suffer a considerable amount of damage. Therefore, make sure that you make the right choice.
  • You cannot lay hands on the shampoo that is best suited for your hair at once. Try out several shampoos, compare the experience, and stick to the one that offers you the best results.

Why Should You Use Static Hair Shampoo

If you’re worried about your dry, frizzy, and flyaway hair, don’t worry; you’re not the only one suffering from static hair.

Static hair is a widespread problem, especially in hot and humid countries. Too much brushing can also lead to frizzy and damaged hair.

It is for you to decide which one is causing you trouble. However, it might be tough for you to take some time out of your busy schedule and take care of your hair.

The easiest way out would be to opt for changing your shampoo and going with the ones that are specially made to fight against static hair. Unlike other shampoos, these shampoos are free from paraben, and you can use them regularly and works for all hair types.

Static hair shampoos are made to fight against humidity and dry weather and prevent breakage. Static hair shampoos protect your hair from UV rays and fight against frizz and keep your hair shiny.

The best part about these shampoos is you don’t need to buy moisturizers separately as they come with the property of moisturization. If you have sensitive skin, opt for oat milk shampoos as they keep your scalp healthy and free from irritation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Static Hair

Does static hair signify hair damage?

Partly, yes. Damaged hair is unable to deal with electricity properly. It is due to this reason that during winter, the electrons tend to fly off and leave your hair completely negatively charged.

These negative charges repel one another and cause the hair to become untamed and difficult to manage.

What kind of comb can be used to prevent static hair?

According to science, it has been proven that metal combs tend to generate less static as compared to plastic combs. You can also use a wooden hairbrush to control static.

Do ionic blow dryers help?

Ionic blow dryers help to maintain the equilibrium of hair by releasing the negatively charged electrons into the hair. Therefore, they are worth a shot.

How to choose the best anti-static shampoo?

The best anti-static shampoo is one that helps you to make your hair frizz-free without drying your scalp out. It is ideal to opt for shampoos that harness the use of natural ingredients.


I hope this gives you a detailed idea about the different aspects of the best shampoos and conditioners for static hair.

As I have mentioned along with buying guides, pros, and cons with much additional information on anti-static shampoo. Try out any of the above-listed products which may suits you the best!


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