12 Best Shampoos To Prevent Lice in 2022

Shampooing one’s hair is an essential task as it requires one to keep themselves clean and healthy. The lice prevention shampoos on this page will help you decide the best shampoo to prevent lice from achieving the same.

Keeping one’s scalp clean is an essential step to a good life. This is because it ensures good blood circulation, healthy hair, and prevents fungal growth, bacterial growth, and lice.

Moist hair and scalp can be reasonable breeding grounds for lice and flea. Thus, one must take care of their mane and opt for any of the following shampoos to prevent lice’s growth.

Top 12 Best Shampoo To Prevent Head Lice

Finding the right shampoo which works efficiently to remove lice is not the easiest thing to look for. The shampoos to remove head lice and nits mentioned below have proven to give terrific results within days. Go through the article to find out which is the best shampoo to prevent lice.

1. Fairy Tales Rosemary Lice Repellent Shampoo:

If you think of more than one option for a particular brand, then Fairy Tales has got your wishes true.

Fairy Tales brings twelve different shampoo variants, conditioner, leave-in shampoo, leave-in conditioner, hair gel, and hair spray to combine with their shampoo to keep lice away.

Furthermore, there are three more variants to the shampoo bottles – 32 fl oz, 12 fl oz, and eight fl oz.

This is a kids’ special shampoo to prevent lice and nits and curb their growth henceforth. The addition of rosemary to the mix for the shampoo makes sure that the formula is gentle and soothing for all skin and hair types.

This shampoo by Fairy Tales can easily be your child’s everyday shampoo. Does this mean that you, as a grown-up, cannot use it? The good news is that adults of all ages can make use of this shampoo.

To bring in moisturizing, hydrating, and soothing elements, the makers have incorporated Jojoba and Chamomile into the same chemical composition. This is one of the best recommendations on the list.


  • The product is specially made for children.
  • Rosemary-based shampoo.
  • Jojoba and Chamomile for moisturizing and hydrating the scalp.
  • Paraben-free.
  • No gluten, soy, or toxins.


  • The spray might leave the hair to be sticky.
  • More on the expensive end of things.

2. SoCozy Boo! Lice Scaring Shampoo:

Are you on the lookout for a shampoo that is also the best shampoo for lice prevention well as adapted for kids’ hair and skin?

SoCozy Boo! It is one of a kind shampoo that comes with no nasty ingredients – none at all. This means that the formulation of this shampoo is toxin-free, paraben-free as well as gluten-free.

The bottle for this solution comes in an eight fluid ounces dimension with no fragrance at all. However, on the same note, there is rosemary peppermint as well as tea tree oil in the mix.

Apart from working as an excellent lice repellent for kids, this shampoo also strengthens the hair shaft, removes itchiness, and soothes the scalp.

Additionally, the brand includes keratin in the formula, which promotes healthy-looking hair.


  • It is a Kid’s shampoo.
  • The product is Paraben-free.
  • It is non-toxic.
  • Rosemary, tea tree, and peppermint.
  • Keratin included.


  • Not safe for children under three years old.
  • Reports of burning sensation to the eyes.

3. Schooltime Shampoo’s Super Lice and Nit Elimination Shampoo:

Are you looking for a shampoo that removes lice well and is made for toddlers’ sensitive skin and eyes? This shampoo removes all traces of lice and nits within fifteen whole minutes of its application.

This super effective formula comes in a 12-ounce bottle of dimensions 2.5×2.5×6.25 inches and has 100% strength in composition.

Talk about lice that refrain from leaving the scalp to nits that are difficult to spot; this lice prevention shampoo takes 6 to 9 minutes to wipe out their existence once and for all. However, this does not mean that the chemical formula has any toxins or pesticides filled in them.

The chemical composition of this shampoo by Schooltime Shampoo is medically tested and safe to use on all skin types. There are no enzymes, fragrances, or harmful chemicals loaded into the shampoo.


  • It is safe to use on all skin types.
  • Medically tested and clinically approved.
  • Patent applicable worldwide.
  • It makes soft and healthy hair.
  • The product is also safe for children.


  • It requires heavy combing.
  • It might cause a burning sensation for some people.

4. Lice Shield Shampoo:

The name of this particular product says it all – it not only works to remove head lice and nits from your hair and works to save your scalp from the same.

This shampoo is not meant for one fixed age group but one and all. Thus, this item sells as a family product in all big departmental stores.

The exciting bit of this shampoo that repels head lice is that it is a leave-in shampoo or leave-in conditioner, whichever you feel is more apt.

The spray leaves the formula in the hair repelling all the pests to immediately move out of your hair.

The brand took to conduct laboratory experiments to check how lice behave under the formula, and the results were terrific.

There are five essential oils – lemongrass, citronella, rosemary, cedar, and geraniol. No matter what your age group is, you can freely use the shampoo to observe its effective results.

This hair care routine does not involve any extra step – all one has to do is spray the shampoo into the wet hair.


  • Leave-in conditioner properties.
  • It has five essential oils.
  • It is safe for children.
  • Sensitive for all skin types.
  • It makes bouncy hair.


  • Not a shampoo per se.
  • It might affect certain hair types.

5. Honeydew Shampoo for Prevention of Lice:

Even though this item’s name says that it is exclusively made to prevent lice and nits, do not be fooled.

Honeydew packs a punch into this shampoo as it serves more than one purpose. It removes all traces of lice and nits from the scalp.

Secondly, it ensures that there is no dandruff on the scalp, which leads to curing itchiness and irritation.

Thirdly, it acts as a moisturizing agent to hydrate the scalp and make sure that it does not grow dead cells leading to flaky dandruff.

All of this is achieved by making sure that this head lice prevention shampoo comes with essential ingredients like tea tree oil, rosemary essential oil, argan rejuvenating hair treatment oil, jojoba, and tea tree lavender oil.

The best part of this product is that it takes a homeopathic approach to cure an age-old problem of lice and nits.

Using this shampoo will ensure that you have a healthy scalp and increase blood flow in your scalp.

This is because the presence of all the essential oils acts as a great way to provide yourself with aromatherapy. The shampoo by Honeydew is one of the best lice prevention shampoo on this list.


  • It has all-natural ingredients.
  • It can stop hair fall.
  • The soothing smell calms your nerves.
  • It removes frizz.


  • The formula may not suit some people.
  • Not meant for children.

6. Rite Aide Lice Shampoo:

Here is a lice repellent shampoo that relieves you and your little ones from trouble by the tiny pests living in your scalp almost immediately. Moreover, this is a kind of lice repellent shampoo as it comes as a lice repellent kit.

Talk about lice, crab lice, nits, fleas, and any other kind of pest – nothing can live when it is one dose of Rite Aide Shampoo that you are talking about.

Additionally, this lice repellent shampoo works well on body lice as well. Thus, make full use of this excellent product to get the maximum results.

The formulation of this product has a 1-2-3 lice control system. This system talks about three steps:

– Works fast to kill lice and eggs

– It will not leave a chemical residue

– For the treatment of head lice, crab lice, and body lice.

The bottle instructs users to shampoo for the second time after 7-10 days to avoid lice and nits’ reinfestation. The procedure to work with this shampoo is to comb the hair when it is semi-wet with the kit’s combs.


  • Comes in a kit.
  • Two separate combs included.
  • No chemical residue.
  • The trusted brand name since the year 1962.
  • Avoids reinfestation.


  • Avoid use on thin hair.
  • Requires multiple uses.

7. Babo Botanicals Lice Repel Shampoo:

Were you looking for shampoos to prevent lice that are meant for the entire family? If the answer to the previous question is yes, then this is one item that all families must consider buying from their nearby store.

Not only is it safe for your children, but it is also safe for you. It is an excellent product for daily use as there are no irritants that may get into the eye.

There are no harsh chemicals as the formula is developed using plant and flower extracts.

Additionally, the shampoo is rich in extracts from nature, making it a good substitute for herbal shampoo.

Put on the preventative lice shampoo for 3-5 minutes before you rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. This eradicates all lice, nits, and fleas from all age groups’ hair and with 100% assurance.

This shampoo has been dermatologically tested and approved by medical associations worldwide. This is one of the best shampoos for lice prevention for vegans.


  • Safe for children.
  • Works as a herbal shampoo.
  • Plant-based and vegan friendly.
  • B Corp certified.
  • Paraben and dairy-free.


  • Avoid the eye area.
  • Test the shampoo before using it.

8. Lice Clinics of America Daily Conditioning Spray:

Here is a conditioning spray that also works as a shampoo for all age groups and hair types.

There are three packs in which this item is parcelled – Pak of 1, Conditioning Spray, and Shampoo of 8 fluid ounces.

The formulation of this shampoo that repels head lice built with 100% natural essential oils.

Furthermore, it works well to detangle the hair effortlessly. Use the conditioning spray on damp hair for maximum results.

A faint minty fragrance in the spray will surely make one feel rejuvenated apart from acting as effective lice and flea repellent.

You can trust this brand with all your heart as it is one name that most Americans are familiar with.


  • 100% natural essential oil formula.
  • Gentle shampoo.
  • Mint scent.
  • Child friendly.
  • #1 Brand


  • It might take time to work.
  • Ensure continued usage.

9. Ladybugs Lice Prevention Shampoo:

One of the pictures that pop up with this item is of a baby bathing with this shampoo. The indication is that this particular product is not only the best shampoo to keep lice away but also is children-friendly.

Do not be afraid of the harmful chemicals many lice prevention shampoos contain. This shampoo by Ladybugs includes no parabens, pesticides, sulfates, or other harsh chemicals that can mess with the natural environment of the scalp.

This is an extremely gentle shampoo that works well on sensitive hair types. You can use this lice repellent shampoo on your toddler’s hair as well without expecting any dangerous results.

Additionally, this item comes with an exciting fragrance that will make washing one’s hair enjoyable.

The most significant benefit of this brand is that it is a well-known name that brings some of the best shampoos to the market.

One of the best recommendations on this list – try it out for great results!


  • Gentle and soothing.
  • Child-safe.
  • Paraben-free.
  • No harsh chemicals.
  • Fragrance in the shampoo.


  • It may take time to work on the scalp.
  • Avoid eye area for toddlers.

10. ClearLice Head Lice Treatment Shampoo:

Are you looking for a shampoo with a great fresh scent but one that will also do the job? Then look no further! This will get rid of not only lice but also eggs and even super lice!

Coming with a fantastic, fresh, and aromatic scent of peppermint, you will not have to worry about the kids liking it or not.

In terms of essential oils, natural enzymes, neem, and peppermint oils serve to erode and open the shells of nits to exterminate them.

A homeopathic formula and all ingredients in the correct amounts ensure 100% safety when used by kids too!

Another great feature here is that there are no potentially harmful chemicals or pesticides among its ingredients. Also, even though combing out lice is essential with most shampoos, it seems to be more of a necessity in this case.


  • It has a great smell.
  • No pesticides or chemicals.
  • It kills eggs and super lice too.
  • It also comes in a great set along with combs and conditioner.
  • Lice prevention shampoo for kids too.


  • Lesser strength than some other shampoos.
  • Requires other additional remedies too.

11. FineVine Antifungal Tea Tree Oil Conditioner:

In case you are on the hunt for a comprehensive solution addressing the most common hair problems, you have found it!

Being a hydrating shampoo, it replenishes hair and moisturizes too so that all your hair needs are met in one item.

This is one shampoo that combines the goodness of a daily care shampoo and a lice repellent’s effectiveness.

As a bonus, you also get to get rid of all dandruff your scalp may be harboring for months or years.

You will not only be getting a shampoo that repels head lice but also one that works on dandruff and dry hair – truly a jack of all trades product in the haircare market!


  • Suitable for all types of hair, whether straight, curly, oily, or dry.
  • Works both to cure and prevent lice.
  • Treats dandruff problems, flaky scalp, dry scalp, itchy scalp, skin blemishes, and much more.
  • Contains no fillers or harmful substances.
  • 100% vegan.
  • Both men and women can use it.


  • Only suitable for adults and not for kids.
  • Not good enough at treating chronic cases of lice infection, being more of a general product.
  • It does not smell and feels as fresh as advertised or as well as other competitors’ products.

12. LiceLogic Natural Lice Repel Conditioner:

If you are in the market for a high-quality shampoo that will have absolutely no adverse effects on your hair upon usage, you have come to the right place!

Infused with the intoxicating smell of lavender, you will find this very easy and safe to use in getting rid of all the lice and super lice!

Containing essential oils, plant-based enzymes, and a specially made and secretly formulated substance called licezyme, excellent results can be achieved if used correctly and in conjunction with the right items from the same company.

Try this super effective shampoo to control the breeding of lice and nits today!


  • It contains natural oils of lavender and other plants, making it safe and aromatic.
  • It includes a specially formulated enzyme called licezyme, which has been independently proven to not only be effective in curing but also preventing lice infestations.
  • It does not cause the hair to get tangled and detangles too.
  • Causes no hair damage.


  • It has to be used along with the hairspray and shampoo of the same brand for maximum effect.
  • Slightly on the more expensive side.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing The Best Shampoo To Prevent Lice

There are multiple shampoos on the market that prevent and cure lice.

Some of them are relatively regular and do not require much prior thought before being used, while some may be very strong involves a bit of research. This primarily relates to allergy or just suitability issues.

You should try and pick lice repellent shampoos that are closer to your regular shampoos in composition and application.

Some robust varieties may have detrimental effects on your hair other than just treating the lice. However, this might be a calculated risk you have to take.

When it comes to children, some shampoos will not be suitable for children below a certain age. Always make sure to check the label before purchasing and using this factor.

Some lice treatments, though, like ones containing malathion lotion or benzyl alcohol, may lead to allergic reactions like reddening and irritation of the skin.

These side-effects are usually harmless, and you shouldn’t worry about them. However, consult a doctor immediately if they persist for too long.

These are the factors you need to consider before choosing a lice shampoo. If you select the home-remedy route, there are fantastic natural and organic options like mayonnaise or olive oil, which also help treat lice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Side Effects Of Using Shampoos That Have Chemicals In Them?

Most shampoos are harmless and will not cause any added problems if used correctly. That being said, sometimes, irritation and itching caused by an inflamed scalp can occur.

Can I Use Conditioners With My Lice Shampoo?

No, this should be avoided at all costs since hair conditioners contain a substance that prevents the lice shampoo from attaching to the hair. This will protect the lice, and the killing effect will be far lesser.

How Often Should I Use My Lice Shampoo?

This will usually be written on the bottle itself, or you’ll know from the advice of your physician. Generally, the period is around two days.

Exceeding this time will cause new eggs to hatch and re-infest your hair. Applying the shampoo before the prescribed period, however, will reduce the effect of the shampoo.

How Long Does It Take The Shampoo To Kill The Lice?

It generally takes 12 hours for the shampoo to kill the live lice. It is the permethrin present in the shampoos that kill the lice. Although it doesn’t kill the eggs, the chemical kills newly hatched lice days after its application.


Lice are an entirely curable but overall annoying pest problem. It is mostly children affected by it, so you should make sure that they are well treated and prevented if possible.

There are many great shampoos and treatment options available on the market, too, for lice, but try and consult a doctor before choosing the right one for you.


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