Can I Mix Purple Shampoo With Toner? 

While taking care of blonde hair, you will be quite familiar with purple shampoos and toners.

However, a question that might pop up is, “Can I mix purple shampoo with toner? Today’s article will address this for you! Continue reading to find the information you need.

Can I Mix Purple Shampoo With Toner? 

No. Although purple shampoo is a type of toner, each toner has its own specific purpose and fulfills this on its own.

Mixing purple shampoo with another type of toner will not guarantee that you get the best of both worlds. You will only observe less-than-optimal results from both and end up unsatisfied while also wasting hair products.

Hence, it is best that you use purple shampoo and other toner products separately.

To make more sense of this answer, let’s circle back to what purple shampoo and toners are.

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Purple Shampoo vs Toner Comparison

What is purple shampoo

As mentioned earlier, purple shampoo is a type of toner designed for a particular purpose. It contains purple pigments that neutralize unwanted yellow and brassy tones.

As a result, the hair’s appearance is approved — no longer dull or lifeless. Purple shampoos do not have ammonia, which is a chemical that could hurt the cuticles of hair when used repeatedly.

Note: You should not use purple shampoo every day. It is best to alternate with a regular shampoo. 

Purple shampoo get keep brassy, yellow tones away 
Purple shampoo get keep brassy, yellow tones away

What is a toner

Toners refer to any products that change the tone of your hair. Typically, they do not contain ammonia.

So, they do not lift the cuticles of the hair to deposit color into the cortex. This means that toners’ effects are not permanent. Instead, they would last for roughly 4 to 8 weeks.

They tend to add natural color tones to make the hair look easier to the eyes and become harmonious. In most cases, they also contain more pigment than purple shampoo.

The term ‘toner’ encompasses demi-permanent and semi-permanent dyes, color correctors, color deepeners, glosses, tinted shampoos, and purple shampoos.

As such, depending on the specific product, you can expect certain results for your hair. Some typical uses of toners are pre-toning, refreshing or correcting color, blending grays, and enhancing shine.

The similarities between purple shampoo and toner 

Both purple shampoo and toner are made for blonde or brightly-colored hair. In addition, they are only effective when they are used consistently.

You must keep using them to maintain their effects. Therefore, having a proper hair care regime and sticking to it is necessary to make the most out of them.

The differences between purple shampoo and toner

How they work

Purple shampoo has purple pigments that cancel yellows and brassy tones while a toner dispenses pigments that permeate your hair strands and, then, produce nicer shades for your hair.

How quick they work

Purple shampoo works a lot slower and less efficiently than toner. You should be able to observe results within 5 to 15 minutes when using a toner.

On the other hand, it may take a while before you can see the effects of purple shampoo. It is more of a gradual process.

You may need 4 to 5 washes to get the hair you would get with a toner in one use. As such, toners make better quick solutions.

How easy they work 

Purple shampoo is a lot easier to use because it mirrors how you would normally use regular shampoo. It is difficult to go wrong.

But unlike purple shampoo, you can easily ruin your hair if you do not use toners properly. You will need experience in hair color, which is also why it is best to go to the salon or look for a hair technician to use toners.

That being said, you should opt for purple shampoo if you do not need an instant solution for your hair and have no experience with hair coloring on your own.

A toner is necessary if you need a situation for your hair right away and have had experience with coloring your hair before.

What Can You Mix Purple Shampoo With? 

Even though we said earlier that it is best not to mix purple shampoo and toners, there are other things you can mix purple shampoo with. Your three options are:

Mixing purple shampoo with water

Pump purple shampoo out in a bowl and add water in slowly. The quantity depends on how “toned down” you want the intensity to be.

Make sure the mixture in the bowl is well combined before using it.

Mixing purple shampoo with regular shampoo

Mix your purple shampoo with a regular shampoo in a bowl. The ratio that you use depends on how much you want to dilute the purple shampoo.

If you want to “up” the diluting, use more regular shampoo.

Mixing purple shampoo with conditioner

You wonder whether can you mix purple shampoo with conditioner. The answer is YES.

Mix your purple shampoo with conditioner in a bowl. Use a stirrer to help. Make sure that they are combined well.

These approaches are recommended when the purple shampoo you have is a bit too strong for your hair. They can dilute the purple shampoo to a suitable level.

You know the purple shampoo is too strong if:

  • You notice lilac tints in your hair after showering
  • You notice there is more purple pigment than necessary in the shampoo

You may also want to dilute your purple shampoo when:

  • Your hair has high-porosity
  • You feel like your hair is dried out and needs moisturizing
  • You want to use purple shampoo daily for other shampooing functions too

Another option is mixing purple shampoo with hair dye. In this case, you should use the purple shampoo as a base and gradually add the dye in to get the desired color. You can use this combo once a week as a hair color preservation solution.

You can mix purple shampoo with regular shampoo, conditioner, or hair dye 
You can mix purple shampoo with regular shampoo, conditioner, or hair dye

Should I Use Purple Shampoo Before or After Toner? 

You should purple shampoo before toner and not after. Some hair technicians do this, and there is an actual name for it: pre-toning.

Using Purple Shampoo BEFORE Toner 

Using purple shampoo before toning can cool down the yellow and golden tones in your hair. As a result, your hair has a purer base, and you are enabled to attain more of your intended color.

You will not have to worry about your undertones hurting the result of your color. By the same token, there is less of a chance that you need to avail of color correction afterward.

Pre-toning with purple shampoo can also help you get rid of the warmth in your hair for cool tones, such as cool beiges, blondes, and silvers, or fade-out effects. The latter implies that following a fade-out, your hair will not be left with yellow or golden hair.

To pre-tone your hair with purple shampoo, apply it as you normally would with purple shampoo on its own, and be sure to follow the directions on its packaging closely.

However, pre-toning can be time-consuming. After all, it is an extra step in your procedure. In addition, it can make your hair slightly knotty.

Using Purple Shampoo AFTER Toner 

You should NOT use purple shampoo right after using toner because it can wash out the pigments of your toner and leave you with the yellow brassy tones. Why? Because purple shampoo (as said earlier) takes a while to show its effects.

You should wait for 3 to 5 days before you wash your hair with purple shampoo.

Within those days, the color setting process will finish — your hair has expelled the excess pigments and absorbed what it needs. Then, it is possible to begin to use purple shampoo to extend the toner’s effects.

How regularly you use purple shampoo to do this relies on the intensity of your hair and the intensity of the pigments in your shampoo. When you select purple shampoo, make sure it is sulfate-free so it will not dry out your hair.


So, the answer to “Can I mix purple shampoo with toner?” is NO. It is best not to if you want to get the best of both worlds (aka. of purple shampoo and of toners). You should use them (as guided) separately.


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