Can You Mix Purple Shampoo With Conditioner?

You may hear about the advantages of the purple shampoo and are ready to rid the blonde locks of brassy shades.

However, due to the harsh ingredients in the purple shampoo, many people come up with the idea to mix it with a hair conditioner to increase the moisture to your hair for a better result.

That is the reason why many people nowadays consider, “Can you mix purple shampoo with conditioner?”.

If you have not cleared this topic, do not miss out on this article. We will show you the answer, some additional clarifications, and hair care tips.

Can You Mix Purple Shampoo With Conditioner?

Yes, you can use a combination of your purple shampoo and regular conditioner to eliminate blonde hair issues and maintain them looking healthy.

In addition, when the purple shampoo and conditioner are mixed, they can help keep moisture in your hair and protect it from becoming lifeless and dry while reducing yellow and orange shades.

You can mix the purple shampoo with conditioner. 
You can mix the purple shampoo with conditioner.

The purple shampoo comes in various pigments, each of which has a distinct impact on your hair color.

Several purple shampoos are too powerful and may leave your hair with a lilac shade. In this case, you should dilute the shampoo with a conditioner to tone down the impact.

Purple shampoo is usually suggested to be used once or twice a week. However, if you want to increase the number of uses while still avoiding overuse, mixing it with a hair conditioner like this is a good idea.

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Who Should Use The Purple Shampoo With Conditioner Mixture?

Natural blond

This mixture can be used if your hair is a natural blonde. Regardless, this hair type tends to darken as you get older.

Also, you may become relatively susceptible to UV rays and other types of harm. As a result, purple shampoos and conditioners will be required on a regular basis.

Platinum blond

The lighter blondes appear as you get older, and your hair may turn platinum blonde when you are in your 50s or 60s.

Surprisingly, numerous young people want to achieve this super blond hair by visiting a hair salon or using dyed products at home. Platinum is a striking color that will completely transform your appearance.

However, maintaining such a brightest shade necessitates additional maintenance with purple hair care products and supplements. Especially purple protocols may help you get rid of any yellowing in the hair and make it platinum.

Blonde ash

This hair color is excellent with a brilliant new vibe.

Admittedly, if your hair is not naturally ashy blonde, instead, you use salon tips to achieve it; the color would then dull and disappear in a matter of weeks.

Furthermore, the chemical treatment also weakens the blonde and exposes it to hairstyling process damage and even sun.

The best advice is to use a purple shampoo and a purple conditioner to soothe your hair.

Silver or grey

Because you will have to bleach and then deposit the color on top, the grey and silver colors will fade quickly, making your hair brassy and dull.

Hair experts will advise you to avoid using shampoo on a regular basis, and you should invest extra time selecting an appropriate shampooing protocol. For the best result, purple or blue toning shampoos are essential.


Purple shampoos and conditioners are required if you do not expect your white hair to appear thin and dry. These two products will assist in removing the dulling tresses.

If you have bleached your natural hair color to make it white, using purple shampoo to eliminate yellowing symptoms is even more critical because this product contains purple pigments, which will cancel yellow undertones out.

What Kind Of Conditioner Can You Mix With The Purple Shampoo?

To increase the intensity of the tone, combining a purple shampoo with a purple conditioner is a good choice.

When you use them together, you will obtain better and faster results when it comes to removing dullness. Also, it will help increase the intensity of the tone.

In addition, this combination will leave your hair looking shinier and less prone to breakage. Nevertheless, it is essential to bear in mind that it can result in an ashy tone.

As a result, only mix these two if you want to obtain a pale hair color.

You can mix a purple shampoo with a purple conditioner for the best result
You can mix a purple shampoo with a purple conditioner for the best result

On the other hand, you can combine a purple shampoo with a regular conditioner unless you want to boost the tone’s intensity. It can help decrease the purple shampoo’s intensity, tone down the brassiness, and hydrate your hair.

What Is The Best Way To Apply Purple Shampoo And Conditioner Mixture?

To begin, select the appropriate purple shampoo and conditioner.

A shampoo with a thick hue and consistency and a conditioner that you apply on a regular basis is acceptable.

Darker purple shampoos are best for platinum, gray, and light blonde hair.

  • Combine the purple shampoo and conditioner in a large mixing bowl.
  • After that, soak your hair with a little warm water and use the mixture.
  • Massage it from the hair strand to the tip and carefully lather it. It is critical to concentrate on the root hairs to avoid future hair damage when applying the combination.

How Frequency Should You Use Purple Shampoo With Conditioner Mixture?

Purple shampoo or the mixture of purple shampoo and conditioner may leave a subtle lilac tint on some people’s hair.

If this occurs to you, it is because you are using too much shampoo, too often or keeping it on for too long. Also, the shampoo formula may be too harsh for your hair.

In that case, you should reduce the amount of purple shampoo used in the mixture or reduce the frequency of use of the mixture. Once a week or once you observe the brassy shades in your hair to fix the lilac hair condition is the best option.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some excellent purple shampoos and purple conditioners?

As previously mentioned, you can mix the purple shampoo with a purple conditioner or with your regular conditioner. Here, we will provide you with purple shampoo and purple conditioner options.

The first one is the Natural Riches Purple Shampoo and Conditioner Set.

This set is perfect for blondes, bleached blondes, highlighted browns, and silver hair. The two products of natural oils and vitamins help repair, nourish, and protect your damaged hair, leaving it silky smooth and lush.

Furthermore, natural extracts are used in the shampoo and conditioner to protect, revitalize, nurture, and tone down color-treated hair. Both include botanically infused oils and extracts cleaning your hair and scalp while also nourishing, moisturizing, and maintaining their health. Both are especially free of sulfates and parabens.

If you are looking for a more budget-friendly alternative, we highly recommend the one from the Jhirmack brand called Jhirmack Silver Brightening Purple Shampoo and Conditioner Set.

What we like about the shampoo and conditioner in this set are designed for all tones of gray, silver, and blonde hair, removing yellow, brassy shades, enhancing highlights, and increasing shine, making hair nourished and bright.

The purple shampoo, which contains macadamia nut oil and collagen, will hydrate and enhance coarse, limp hair without causing a greasy residue.

In addition, the purple conditioner includes green tea extract and collagen, which help add shine, soften, and avoid split ends.

Is purple conditioner okay to use without purple shampoo?

Yes, you can. It is okay to apply conditioner to your hair without a purple shampoo on occasion.

If you just want to use a purple conditioner, you can apply it to damp hair and then rinse it. You are co-cleansing the hair in this case, which means you are not using shampoo.

However, it is possible that your purple conditioner may not clean your hair as well as shampoo. As a result, oil and dirt may accumulate in the scalp and cause problems.

In this case, you may need to avoid using the purple conditioner (or overusing it). It is ideal for washing the scalp with shampoo before applying a conditioner treatment.

Blonde hair does, in fact, have more pores than darker hair. As a result, it collects more chlorine, dust, and other particles, causing blonde hair to go brassy. Shampoo can eliminate dirt and restore vibrancy because it is designed to cleanse.

Overall, the strength of your purple conditioner will determine the answer. Therefore, you must assess your hair’s brassiness and apply the appropriate product.

Can you mix the purple shampoo with a regular one?

Yes, you can combine the purple and regular shampoo.

The shampoo is a cleansing agent for the hair. It is usually in the form of a dense liquid containing detergent or soap.

On the other hand, purple shampoo is a toning shampoo with violet pigments. It makes it easier to cleanse your hair and gives your blonde hair a specific level of violet color.

These two products are similar in that their primary function is to clean your hair. As a result, mixing them is acceptable.

Violet pigments can be lessened in effect and made ideal for regular use by combining the two.

The addition of regular shampoo to your mixture may increase the detergent and water content, leading to fewer violet shades per dose.

On the other hand, purple shampoo often contains less detergent than regular. So, if you mix some regular shampoo with your purple shampoo, you will get more cleansing strength.

Fortunately, because most shampoos have comparable formulas, mixing them will not significantly negatively impact your hair. There should be no problem if you use the same brand of shampoo.

Despite that, sometimes mixing different shampoos may cancel out their effects. To illustrate, you should not mix a curly hair shampoo with a straight hair shampoo.

Some regular ones may contain sulfate, which is terrible for curly blonde hair. Sulfate may deplete the hair’s natural oils, and since curly hair gets dry out quicker than straight hair, you should avoid it. Also, it can cause your curls to become dehydrated, resulting in breakage.

To minimize this risk, you should check the shampoo’s ingredient list before purchasing.

Final Words

The good news is that the answer is yes to the question, “Can you mix purple shampoo with conditioner?” You can mix these two to enhance their benefits to your hair.

At last, with our explanations and other information, we hope you will find this article helpful. If you have any questions or comments, do not forget to share them with us if you have any questions!


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