Can You Use Purple Conditioner Without Purple Shampoo?

Whether you are a natural or bleached blonde, maintaining a beautiful blonde shade is hard work. If you are sloppy about hair care, your hair can turn brassy.

This is also why purple shampoos and purple conditioners were created. Their role is to help you neutralize the brassy tone to regain the perfect blonde shade, you can even achieve the level of blonde you look for by applying these products accordingly.

If you are thinking using two purple hair products at the same time may be too much or unnecessary, you may be wondering: Can you use purple conditioner without purple shampoo? Let’s find out!

Purple conditioner helps with brassy hair
Purple conditioner helps with brassy hair

Can You Use Purple Conditioner Without Purple Shampoo?

Yes, you can use a purple conditioner without purple shampoo, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

A purple conditioner and purple shampoo work based on the same principle, which is neutralizing yellow shades and brassiness to ensure the perfect blonde by using purple pigments.

The reason why purple is used to deal with blonde hair is that this color and yellow are in exactly opposite positions on the color wheel. It means they cancel each other out.

Now, with all of this in mind, you may think that it is similar to purple shampoo. After all, they are created for the same purpose, right?

How does purple conditioner differ from purple shampoo?

First of all, like most shampoos, purple shampoos contain anionic compounds that reduce the hair’s water-repellent properties. Anionic compounds also mean purple shampoos are negatively charged while hair ranges from slightly acidic to neutral.

Hence, purple pigments and nutrients can penetrate your hair more easily.

Meanwhile, purple conditioners contain cationic compounds, which hair can absorb strongly and quickly, creating an outer coat for your hair.

Cationic compounds also mean purple conditioners are positively charged, so a conditioner can only stick to your hair shaft instead of penetrating like a shampoo.

However, there are certain differences between a purple shampoo and a purple conditioner, which will help you decide whether a purple conditioner can replace a purple shampoo or not.

Next, purple shampoo is designed to open up hair cuticles so violet pigments can enter your hair strands. On the other hand, purple conditioners don’t open the cuticles.

Also, purple conditioners contain emollients and moisturizers that keep your hair hydrated. It helps make sure your hair is nice, soft, and smooth.

On top of that, apart from the neutralizing effect, the purple shampoo also has a minor cleansing effect on your hair due to a low amount of detergent. However, a purple conditioner doesn’t have this effect.

On days when you use purple shampoo, you can wash your hair with regular shampoo before purple shampoo to cleanse your hair and avoid washing purple pigments off, or you can skip the regular shampoo.

Purple conditioner vs purple shampoo
Purple conditioner vs purple shampoo

So, is it okay to use only the purple conditioner?

Yes, it is. In some cases, you only need a purple conditioner. However, purple shampoo produces much better results in neutralizing brassiness, so purple conditioner can’t always replace it.

If brassiness is concentrated from the middle to the end of your hair strands, a purple conditioner could be your go-to product.

The reason for this is that purple conditioners are well absorbed by the hair, giving purple pigments more time to settle on the hair, making it look soft and shiny.

If brassiness is concentrated much near the scalp area, though, the purple shampoo will be a better choice. As stated above, purple shampoos open up hair cuticles and penetrate hair strands effectively to dispense purple pigment to neutralize brassiness.

Purple conditioners don’t penetrate the hair shaft well, so it’s not really suitable for applying to the scalp area.

A purple conditioner is also good to use alone if you have frizzy, curly, or rooted hair with white ends. On the contrary, people using traditional foil should go for purple shampoos only to benefit from their comprehensive neutralizing impact.

What Happens When You Use Purple Conditioner Without Shampoo?

Since conditioners don’t have a cleansing effect, using a purple conditioner alone can lead to dirt accumulation on your scalp.

Blonde hair has more pores than dark hair, so it’s easier for dirt particles to accumulate, which include those that make your hair brassy.

Therefore, using a purple conditioner without purple shampoo, or even regular shampoo, may reduce its neutralizing effect and make your hair dirty.

That leads to another question: what’s the proper way to use purple conditioner?

Using purple conditioner alone doesn’t keep your hair clean
Using purple conditioner alone doesn’t keep your hair clean

How To Use Purple Conditioner?

Step-by-step guide

Follow these steps when using a purple conditioner for the best result.

  • Step 1: Wet your hair, it’s best to start with damp hair.
  • Step 2: Take an appropriate amount of purple conditioner, which should be based on your hair length and the manufacturer’s recommendation.
  • Step 3: Massage it to the length of your hair.
  • Step 4: Let it sit for 5 to 7 minutes.
  • Step 5: Rinse with clean warm water.

Combine with shampoo

If you don’t use your purple conditioner with a purple shampoo, you can still rinse your hair with regular shampoo. Or, you can wash your hair with regular shampoo first then apply a purple conditioner.

This way, your hair will benefit from the neutralizing effect of the conditioner while maintaining a clean status.

That said, the best method is using purple shampoo with purple conditioner because combining them will neutralize the dull yellow shade faster.

You should only use them separately in the cases we recommended above or to better control your hair color toward your desired shade.


Can you use purple conditioner everyday?

No, you can’t. Overuse of a purple conditioner can result in an ashy tone. Only use purple conditioner when your hair turns brassy, one to three times a week is enough.

Can you mix purple conditioner with regular conditioner?

Yes, you can. This combination works if you want a strong neutralizing effect from purple shampoo and conditioner but your hair is dry from using the two products. Adding regular conditioner to the mix will help.

Can you use purple conditioner as toner?

Yes, you can. In fact, a purple conditioner acts as a toner as it contains purple pigments that help you replace a brassy tone with a nicer blonde tone on your hair.

Can you leave purple conditioner in your hair overnight?

No, you can’t. If you leave a purple conditioner in for too long, you will end up with a lilac hair color.

Wrap Up

Can you use purple conditioner without purple shampoo? In short, you can. Purple conditioners can be used without purple shampoos if brassiness is concentrated from the middle to the end of your hair length.

However, what you should keep in mind is that purple conditioners don’t neutralize as strongly as purple shampoos do. Plus, they don’t cleanse your hair, so you still need to apply shampoo to keep your hair clean.


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