Can You Use Purple Shampoo On Pink Hair?

Dyeing one’s hair pink is popular these days, and many individuals want to try it out. Vibrant hues, such as pink, are one of the most difficult to preserve.

Dyeing is simple, but maintaining the hue for an extended time is a challenge. The type of shampoo you choose significantly influences how bright your hair remains. 

Purple shampoo is a common shampoo used after dyeing one’s hair a bright color. That is why many individuals are turning to purple shampoo, which is a fantastic choice for those with dyed hair.

“Can you use purple shampoo on pink hair?” is a question that has to be answered. We will give you helpful information in this post, so don’t miss out!

Can You Use Purple Shampoo On Pink Hair?

The answer is no.

Purple shampoo, as previously said, cancels brassy tones from bleached or blonde hair. 

Furthermore, the purple shampoo includes purple pigments that may cause your hair to change color. But it does not make it brighter, healthier, or any other feature. 

Also, pink and purple are relatives, despite their close position on the color wheel. Purple shampoo, on the other hand, is effective at removing undesirable tones from bleached or pink hair. A fade-fighting ingredient in this kind of shampoo counteracts brassy hair as well as pink and blonde tones.

The working principle of purple shampoo is based on the color theory. 
Pink and purple are close to each other on the color wheel but using purple shampoo on pink hair are not recommended.

As a result, it can produce a chilly pink occasionally, and based on the pink tone, many people may appreciate it, but not all will.

Purple shampoo, when used on dark pink hair, may usually not boost it stronger or brighter; instead, it can produce an unidentified color that looks dreadful that makes you would like to not go out for several weeks.

For these reasons, if you hope to retain your present pink color as vivid as feasible, we recommend avoiding using purple shampoo.

Using purple shampoo on your pink hair does not achieve the desired result. 
Using purple shampoo on your pink hair does not achieve the desired result.

What Kind Of Shampoo Should You Use If You Have Pink Hair?

Vibrant hair colors are by far the most attractive since they enable you to play around with different colors. Unfortunately, they do not last long in the hair as you expected because they are semi-permanent and do not contain ammonia or peroxide. 

Therefore, these hair dyes are simply applied to the hair strands’ surface, which fades with every shampoo.

Pink shampoo

To preserve your color vivid for a more extended time, you can utilize an excellent pink shampoo. Using it helps you keep depositing further pink particles into the hair, and thus, your hair color will last longer.

Complex Direct Dyes provided by Cat-ionic deliver intense color and great condition. Tressa pink shampoo’s conditioners come from natural renewables, allowing it to stay in the 5.3 to 5.8 PH range, resulting in a rich deposit without the hard drying impact of other shampoos on the marketplace.

You should wash your hair for 3 minutes and rinse it to get the most out of it. To get a swatch color, you should apply it three times in a row. Each application adds more color, giving you greater control over the color’s vibrancy and intensity.

Pink toning shampoo

Based on each individual’s shampooing routine, pink toning shampoo can be used in place of ordinary shampoo.

You will not have to retouch the color if you use this shampoo since pink toning shampoo adds pink pigment to the hair, extending the life of your hair dye.

In case you cannot get an excellent pink toning shampoo, thankfully, you may DIY your own pink toning shampoo by mixing equal portions of your normal shampoo and the pink color in the hair. 

To make it usable, you should utilize the same color as the hair to make it usable. Then, in an unused shampoo bottle, blend all components and massage them to the hair any time you wash it.

For the best effects, utilize this shampoo on the hair and leave it in for 5-10 minutes. Wash completely using cold water when that time passes. In addition, you may utilize a pink conditioner to speed things up.

Dry shampoo

Using dry shampoo is an ideal choice after dyeing your hair because this kind of shampoo will not fade or ruin the hue. 

Also, it can be used to spread out regular washes. Using it, your hair color’s intensity will be preserved for a longer period.

Despite this, since dry shampoo collects oil instead of cleansing the scalp, you should not utilize it too frequently. Furthermore, it does not remove particles from the style products. 

Hence, it should only be used in conjunction with your usual water-based shampoo.

How Can You Remove Your Pink Hair Color?

Use color removers

The first method is to use Color removers, such as Color Oops Hair Dye Remover, which are the standard and go-to treatment for removing that additional color. 

Some hair dye removers include gentle formulas eliminating the pigment without changing the hair’s original color.

You can use this kind of product to remove both semi and permanent colors. However, one disadvantage of hair color removal is the unpleasant odor. As a result, you’d need to be ready to deal with it.

Usually, you will have to wash it off when removing the pink, which may differ and take more time due to the type of product you choose.

Use vinegar

When you apply a vinegar mask on the pink hair-colored hair, the color will fade quickly or after only several usages because vinegar is efficient at removing semi-permanent hair dyes. So unless your pink shade is permanent, this method could be pretty helpful.

However, keep in mind that because vinegar is acidic by nature, you will have to dilute it. You may dilute with either a hydrating shampoo or another liquid.

Furthermore, you must prep yourself for the following smell, which will last for several days.

Use vitamin C

Hair color can be removed with the help of vitamin C. However, you must use caution because it dries out the hair, removing practically all of the hydration from your tresses. To reduce the dryness and damage, go for deep conditioning after that.

All you need are vitamin C powders containing 1000mg of ascorbic acid or vitamin C tablets. Both are perfectly functional. When you use the tablets, do not forget to crush them completely.

Combine baking soda and shampoo

When your hair is dark pink and semi-permanent, using baking soda will help you remove it altogether. 

Furthermore, because it enters the strands of hair, it is among the most efficient techniques to remove the shade.

To prepare this mixture, you can pick a shampoo and add the formula to it, or you may combine it using water.

What Should You Do To Take Care Of Your Pink Hair?

Not to use heat

Heat destroys your hair, causing the hue to fade faster if the hair were not harmed. 

So, instead of using a hairdryer, leave the hair dry naturally to preserve the color from fading. When you usually curl the hair using curling irons, consider curlers without heat to lessen the risk of fading your hair color.

Unless you can live without a hairdryer or curling iron, apply a heat protectant to the hair before doing it to keep the temperature from fading the pink hair color.

Limit the amount of chlorine exposed to the hair 

Indeed, pool chlorine can help the water stay fresh and clean. However, it also wreaks havoc on your coloring process. 

Chlorine has the ability to not only affect your color but also speed up the fading process. So, if you intend to go to the pool after dyeing your hair pink or any other color, wait as much time as possible, at least one day, if not two days.

If you would like to maintain your pink hair color appearing its best, stay away from pools. Unless you can get out of the pool, wear a swim cap to protect your hair from the water.

You might also dampen the hair in the bath before entering the pool. After that, add conditioner to moist strands without rinsing them out. The hair conditioner acts as a barrier, preventing chlorine from reaching the color.

Get frequent haircuts 

Hair damage occurs when you color it, mainly if you need to bleach it. Since color fades faster in damaged hair, get regular cuts to maintain your color appearing fresh.

Also, dead ends do not retain color and may even fade quicker, so trim them off every 6-8 weeks to keep your pink color shiny from roots to ends.

Accept the dynamism of pink hair

Pink is a hair color that is “unnatural.” It will indeed fade with time, regardless matter what type of hair dye you apply or how thoroughly you care for it. Rather than fighting it, attempt to appreciate the new color each week.

For instance, your colorful pink can turn into a pastel shade after a few weeks, and you will fall in love with it!

Use a hair mask

It may swiftly fade unless you know how to care for the pink hair properly. A haircare tip that helps colored hair remain longer is applying a hair mask every two weeks.

You should apply these tips to keep the long-lasting pink hair color. 
You should apply these tips to keep the long-lasting pink hair color.

If you love your vibrantly pink hair color and want to keep it as long as possible, do not miss out on this video:

Frequently Asked Questions

If pink hair color fades, what will it turn?

The way a pink hair color fades is determined by two factors:

The first is whether permanent or semi-permanent dye was used to tint this hair color. 

  • The color fade will be pale pink if it is permanent hair coloring.
  • However, if the hair dye is semi-permanent, the color fade will be the same as the hair color before the pink was applied.

In addition, the tint that occurs once pink fades are determined by the kind of pink you have. Pink is a mixture of white and red; consequently, the deeper the pink, the more reddish it is.

  • Your bubblegum or bright pink may fade into a pastel pink tint. 
  • If a rose is applied, it will fade to a gorgeous pink color.  
  • When your pastel pink hair color fades, it will probably turn to a vintage pink hue or the base color with such a pink reflection.

Is it tough to get pink hair color out of your hair?

Even though pink is among the most challenging colors to erase, there are various ways to do so. There are less dangerous alternatives to bleaching available to you.

You can start with a bit of vitamin C treatment. If you still get a lot of pink color in the hair, opt for a color-removing product or one of the methods mentioned above to eliminate the remainder of it.  Also, ensure to moisturize your hair after that to avoid harming it.

Can you add black or brown to your pink hair?

Absolutely you can. It may cover once you go for a dark enough hue. 

Moreover, it is much easier to go with a brighter to a darker color because most of it is blacked out. An ash brown tint will neutralize the leftover pink without bleaching. 

However, do not put permanent brown or black hair dye if you anticipate returning to pink or another bright color, necessitating later color removal.

Final Words

We believe you have found a reliable answer to the issue “Can you use purple shampoo on pink hair?” with the information provided. 

To get the most remarkable effects, you should try a different shampoo, such as pink toning shampoo, pink shampoo, or dry shampoo, which are more suitable for your hair color.


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