Coconut Free Shampoo For Natural Hair Care

Hair products nowadays come with coconut, and this trend is increasing and spreading like wildfire. Although most people enjoy coconut in their hair products, this product is not suited for all hair types. There are few hair types where coconut is not suited and on the other hand coconut free hair care products cater to a wide range of hair types. Coconut-rich products like coconut oil or coconut milk shampoo are rich in protein. When it comes to deep cleansing and conditioning, then coconut milk shampoo comes to the scene. However, so many people are allergic to those products, and hence in this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about coconut-free shampoo so that you can pick the correct coconut free shampoo, without any hassle.

Uses of Coconut Free Shampoo

There are several benefits of using coconut free shampoo, and the prime benefits are:

  1. It caters to a wide range of people because it is suitable for several different hair types.
  2. It can calm the dry and itchy scalp and cleanses and nourishes the scalp thoroughly.
  3. It makes the hair soft, shiny and nourishes it.
  4. They are not so heavy and hence well suited for sensitive skin.
  5. It makes the hair soft and adds more slip to it. It also has zero alcohol and can be considered a natural product.
  6. It is a light cleanser and hence can be used for all types of hair.
  7. Another indirect use of coconut-free shampoo is that it can be used as a body wash.

These are the entire one-on-one benefits that you can get from coconut-free shampoo.

Advantages of Coconut Free Shampoo

The coconut-free shampoo is for every hair type, and there are several different product-based coconut-free shampoos like Aloe Vera, neem, and other products that can be beneficial for your hair and your scalp. There is a wide range of varieties when it comes to coconut-free shampoo. The advantages of coconut free shampoo can be as follows:

1. The minimal fragrance

often, the fragrance in coconut-free shampoo is minimal, or there is no fragrance at all. This is because, in a coconut-free shampoo, the use of chemicals is very less, making the product suitable for those who have very sensitive skin. Sometimes several chemicals are very harmful to the hair, and many people prefer these types of shampoo.

2. Use of Harmful Chemicals

Chemicals like SLS are very harmful and one of the most toxic products. Although its non-toxicity has been proven in the laboratory, several reports have come up with some drastic effects on the scalp. This proves that minimizing those chemicals or toxins can be beneficial for the public in general. Hence using as few chemicals as possible is the key to coconut-free shampoo.

3. Essential Oils

These are Volatile Organic Compounds and are a beautiful tool when used medicinally. They can be beneficial for the hair and sometimes can be beneficial for your health in general. The health of your hair becomes good for the usage of harmful products goes down.

4. Hydrated Hair

These shampoos keep the hair hydrated, and hence the dry texture goes away easily. If you face some problems with dry hair, you should try out coconut-free shampoo for your hair.

5. High in Vitamins

Coconut-free shampoo gives you all the nutrition needed for your hair. If you feel that a certain amount of vitamin is needed more than the other, you have to pick that particular product and check if it has any bi-products of coconut or not. If not, then you are good to go.

6. Strong Hair

Coconut-free oil also does not have harmful sulphates, and hence they can be termed as organic as a result of this, the hair becomes very strong and healthy.

Disadvantages of Coconut Free Shampoo

Like all products, there are certain disadvantages to this coconut-free shampoo as well. However, these disadvantages are very abstract and vary from person to person. However, these disadvantages have given rise to several controversies over the years.

  1. As discussed previously, we have discussed how harmful SLS can be for some people; however, some people agree that SLS gives a different texture to the hair, and coconut-free shampoo does not have SLS. Hence, they do not recommend coconut-free shampoo. These are controversies and depend upon the personal choices of a person.
  2. The coconut-free shampoo is a minimalistic shampoo that means it is not that heavy when it comes to ingredients. However, in certain aspects, when the hair is damaged to a certain level, there emerges a need to use many ingredients.
  3. Some people enjoy the fragrance, so they are tempted to buy coconut shampoo often than coconut-free shampoo. The snob effect or abnormal market behaviour plays a major role in this regard.
  4. The coconut-free shampoo has a high cost, and this is because they are unique when it comes to the production of their goods or any other aspect. Howsoever the customer often does not get the reason behind this expensive tag.
  5. Too much coconut-free shampoo means you are going without protein, or your hair is going without protein for several days. That is a serious concern because protein is an essential ingredient when it comes to hair.

Who can Use Coconut Free Shampoo?

Anyone can use coconut-free shampoo. The coconut-free shampoo is very flexible and can be used by anyone. It is good for the scalp and the hair. However, there are certain cases when you should use coconut-free shampoo.

1. Marks on the scalp

if there are rounded marks on the scalps, then chances are there that the shampoo is not suited for you, and hence you are most likely to change your shampoo.

2. The porosity of the hair

If your hair becomes porous, it is slowly getting damaged, and hence that is good enough to change your shampoo to coconut-free shampoo.

3. Dry Hair

There are chances that your dry hair is only because of the shampoo you are using, and hence you need to change your shampoo.

These are few reasons when you can consider changing your shampoo and switching over to coconut-free shampoo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you be allergic to coconut shampoo?

Yes, there is a chance that you can be allergic to coconut shampoo, and hence the coconut-free shampoo is being introduced. However, many people are non-allergic to coconut-free shampoo, and hence it suits them well.

What Shampoo Does not have coconut in it?

Several shampoos like Aloe Vera, Neem, and others that do not have coconut can be regarded as coconut-less shampoo.

Is Sulphate Free Shampoo Bad for your Hair?

Not for all hair types but most hair types, Sulphates can be very harmful and considered one of the most dangerous products.

What is the cleanest shampoo?

There are many. You have to know your hair type and eventually pick up one of the products that suit your hair type and clean your hair.

What Shampoo has no Protein in it?

There are some cases when the hair cannot sustain proteins, and hence protein-free shampoo is required. So take up any protein-free shampoo and that will help you cater to your needs.

Is Coconut oil protein-free?

Yes, coconut oil does not contain protein itself, but it has lauric acid that has approximately 50% protein in it. Hence indirectly, coconut oil does have protein in it.

Is coconut-free shampoo Organic?

Yes, coconut-free shampoo does not have excessive sulphates in it. However, there is the prevalence of oils and all-natural products dominate this type of shampoo. Hence you can call coconut-free shampoo organic products.


This article is all about coconut-free shampoo, when and how to use it, and if you should use it at all. Hence, in the end, we have to clarify the fact that coconut-free shampoos are gentle on your skin and can be one of the best choices if you are considering something light for your hair. However, if you want to extract more out of your shampoo, you have to consider using something else if your hair is suited to it.


I am Jessica Coles, a hairstyling and trends expert who also holds a master's degree in cosmetology. I am one of the leading hair care experts who has been offering support round the clock.

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