Does Purple Shampoo Expire? 3 Signs That It’s Time To Change Your Shampoo

Most beauty products have an expiration date, and shampoo is no exception. Hair-care products are all built to last, but they still have a limited shelf life.

Purple shampoo should not be used as a complete substitute for regular shampoo. Instead, you are advised to use it once or twice per week to get the best results. Therefore, it will take longer to use up a bottle of purple shampoo.

With that in mind, you might be wondering, Does purple shampoo expire?”

Keep reading to gain the answer!

Purple shampoo is not designed to last forever. 
Purple shampoo is not designed to last forever.

Does Purple Shampoo Expire?

The short answer is yes. Sooner or later, the purple shampoo will expire one day.

As a rule, manufacturers of cosmetic products such as skin care, makeup, or hair care are not required to label products with an expiration date. However, they will do it in most cases.

So most manufacturers will suggest a “post-opening period,” which refers to the amount of time you can expect a product to work as it should or to be safe to use after opening the bottle.

The overall shelf life may vary between products. In most cases, a purple shampoo bottle can last 6 to 12 months.

If you want to accurately determine a period after opening the label on your purple shampoo, check the bottle’s back label.

Check the bottle's back label to determine the expiration date of purple shampoo.
Check the bottle’s back label to determine the expiration date of purple shampoo.

You’ll probably see an icon that looks like a small box without a lid at the bottom of the back label. You’ll see a number and an “M” on it, such as:

  • 12 M
  • 18 M
  • 24 M

Through this, you will learn that the manufacturer recommends that you use your shampoo bottle within 12, 18 months, or 24 months from when you open it.

However, a product sometimes won’t come with an expiration date, making it a bit harder to determine when you should stop using it. In this case, the best thing is to follow the general rule: “Unopened bottles will last up to 3 years, while opened bottles will last 1.5 years.” 

Why after opening the cap, your shampoo will have a shortened life?

This could be when you open the bottle, you are exposing the shampoo or conditioner to oxygen and bacteria will slowly cause the ingredients to wear out or rot.

Also, it is possible to check the condition of purple shampoo bottle to see if it is still in use. If you find that its quality is maintained as it was originally, it is okay to continue using it, even if it is a bit past the expiration date.

So what happens if you use purple expired purple shampoo?

Expired hair care products undergo a chemical change, rendering them less effective. Using expired shampoo may cause side effects, such as unwanted effects, such as itching, skin irritation, allergic reactions, etc (We will discuss this in more detail later).

So, we recommend only using purple shampoo within the manufacturer’s recommended shelf life.

Indications That Purple Shampoo Has Gone Bad

There are three signs that can tell purple shampoo has gone bad. 
There are three signs that can tell purple shampoo has gone bad.

Purple shampoos can expire because they are not designed to last forever. So, it’s essential to know when a purple shampoo product goes bad in case your product doesn’t come with an expiration date.

Here are some signs that it’s time to throw your shampoo bottle in the trash:

Texture Change In Your Shampoo 

The most obvious sign that your care product is no longer good to use is a change in its texture.

In most cases, purple shampoo products have a smooth consistency and texture. Thus, if one day you notice your product features a clumpy or watery texture and turns thick, it may be time to change your shampoo bottle.

Whenever you notice a change in the texture of a product you’re taking, it’s wise to stop using it immediately!

Your Shampoo Features A Foul Odor

Besides texture, a change in smell is also a sign that purple shampoo has gone bad. So if you notice that this hair care product has a foul or unusual odor, don’t hesitate to throw it in the trash immediately.

Your Shampoo Is Discolored

Purple shampoo contains purple pigments. So if the purple color of purple shampoo has faded or disappeared, it may not work well anymore.

Is It Safe To Use Expired Purple Shampoo?

The answer depends on whether your shampoo contains preservatives. Products that are not preservative-free can undergo chemical changes, and improper storage can accelerate such changes.

In most cases, it is okay to use products in hair care a little past the expiration date. In many products, the manufacturer’s recommended use-by date is to ensure that the products will have the best taste, smell, or performance.

Yet, it’s not wise to use expired purple shampoo for a long time

At first, the change in chemical components won’t have a significant effect on you. It will probably just feel different in your hair and lather less than usual.

However, over time, it can grow fungi and bacteria, which you cannot notice with the naked eye.

Therefore, continuing to use expired shampoo for a long time may cause unwanted side effects on your scalp and hair, such as hair loss, itching, skin irritation, allergic reactions, etc. This can usually happen with all shampoos.

What Can Affect The Shelf Life Of Purple Shampoo?

There are various factors that can cause purple shampoo to quickly lose its effectiveness, even before the manufacturer’s recommended shelf life.

For example, if you do not cover the shampoo bottle after use, it will allow bacteria or oxygen to come into contact with the shampoo, which can lead to changes in the chemical composition.

In addition, leaving purple shampoo in a place of high temperature or direct sunlight will also affect the life of the product.

How To Store Purple Shampoo Properly

This purple hair care product may lose its effectiveness before the recommended expiration date. To avoid that, you should do the following tips:

How To Store Unopened Purple Shampoo Bottle Properly

Exposure to too much direct sunlight and heat can significantly affect the composition of your purple shampoo, causing it to deteriorate faster than expected.

Therefore, we recommend storing your unopened purple shampoo bottle somewhere cool and dark.

How To Store Opened Purple Shampoo Bottle Properly

For opened shampoo bottles, it is essential to close the cap tightly after use to prolong its life. The reason behind this is that exposure to too much oxygen can significantly affect the best-before date of this purple hair care product once opened.

Plus, by keeping the cap on after use, you can prevent your shampoo from coming into contact with contaminants and bacteria that can affect its lifespan.

Also, it is essential to keep purple shampoo free from water.

When it comes into contact with a lot of water, your shampoo bottle can also become an ideal place for the development of mold and bacteria, causing it to expire faster than expected. 

In addition, you also need to prevent heat sources or direct sunlight from coming to close the bottle of purple shampoo. 

The Bottom Line

Overall, while most beauty products are designed to last, they won’t break down one day, and purple shampoo is no exception.

So does purple shampoo go out of date? Yes, this shampoo may expire. The shelf life of a bottle of purple shampoo ranges from 6 to 12 months.

If your shampoo bottle does not come with the manufacturer’s recommended expiration date, it’s essential to look out for the following signs:

  • Texture change
  • Strange smell
  • Color change

If you notice any of the 3 signs above, it’s time to replace your purple shampoo.


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