How Much Does A Bottle Of Shampoo Weigh?

The label on a bottle of shampoo only shows its volume, not weight. The only thing we know is that a big bottle of shampoo is quite heavy to hold. So, how much does a bottle of shampoo weigh actually?

While this information may not seem critical in most cases, it’s useful when you need to calculate your luggage weight for your upcoming flight. Read on to find out how heavy a bottle of shampoo is and how to calculate the weight of one.

How much does your bottle of shampoo weigh?
How much does your bottle of shampoo weigh?

How Much Does A Bottle Of Shampoo Weigh?

A bottle of shampoo comes in different sizes, including 0.34 oz, 10.14 oz, 16.9 oz, and 33.81 oz.

The weight of a bottle of shampoo varies depending on its capacity. To know exactly how much a bottle of shampoo weighs, you need to do the math.

How To Determine The Weight Of A Shampoo Bottle?

The bottle weight

Despite its small mass, the empty bottle does contribute to the total weight of a shampoo bottle.

In general, the weight of an empty 0.34 oz, 10.14 oz, 16.9 oz, to 33,81 oz shampoo bottle is 0.022 lb, 0.035 lb, 0.0485 lb, 0.0573 lb, respectively. 

The density of shampoo

Even without a definite number, you may have noticed that shampoo is a dense and heavy liquid. 

That said, the density of shampoo is measured by mass per unit volume. Therefore, shampoo’s density is indicated in lb/oz, representing how many pounds an ounce of shampoo weighs.

Estimation determines that shampoo’s density is 0.13 lb/oz on average. 


To find out how much a bottle of shampoo weighs, you need to multiply the density by the shampoo capacity, then add the weight of the bottle alone

For instance, to calculate the weight of a 10.14 oz bottle of shampoo, the calculation will be: (0.13 x 10.14) + 0.035 = 1.35 lbs.

Does the same calculation for the other sizes, you will get the results as stated in the first section.

A bottle of shampoo’s weight is determined by density and bottle’s weight 
A bottle of shampoo’s weight is determined by density and bottle’s weight

What Size Of Shampoo Bottle Is Suitable For You?

The 0.34 oz bottle size weighs about 0.06 lbs and works for customers who live alone or use a separate product from the others in their homes.

Also, it is also suitable for two users if they don’t need much shampoo for each wash. 

A 10.14 oz bottle of shampoo weighs around 1.35 lbs. This size is suitable for two users that don’t require much product for each wash, probably two short-hair women or a man and woman to use in one or two months. 

This mid-sized bottle also works for two users if one of them doesn’t require much product for each wash. 

The next size, 16.9 oz, is equivalent to around 2.25 lbs of weight. This capacity is enough for the whole family of adults and children to use in 1 to 2 months. 

In terms of the largest size, 33.81 oz, a full bottle weighs around 4.45 lbs. If there are more than one generation living in your house, this size is perfect.

It’s adequate for a large family, which you can divide into smaller bottles in different bathrooms for convenience.

Shampoo bottles come in several sizes
Shampoo bottles come in several sizes

Why All Shampoo Bottles Come In Certain Sizes?

It is no coincidence that shampoo bottles are offered in certain sizes instead of any size one can think of. There is a lot of logic behind a random bottle of shampoo you find at the supermarket.


A shampoo consists of various chemicals, some of which have different volumes for the same weight. Consequently, a shampoo brand has to research the process and formula thoroughly to figure out the weight of the shampoo and the space it needs in a bottle.

It’s worth noting that when colors or scent is added to the product, it results in more space needed in a bottle, which contributes to the decision-making process. 

Customer research

Customer research is arguably the most important task to do before bringing a product to the market. Knowing what customers want and what you can do to make your product more appealing will help with sales.

Markets or regions must be taken into account in such research. For a product sold in the US, for example, it’s best to do research on this market instead of studying the global market. It will help the brand make the best decisions for its customers in that specific market. 

When examining a bottle of shampoo, customers pay attention to its price-capacity ratio, size, and duration. 

Everyone cares about the price. The price applied to a bottle of shampoo should make customers feel that it’s affordable for the capacity. Therefore, brands balance the price and corresponding capacity to make their product appear as cheap as possible.

In terms of size, a bottle’s height and width can trick a customer into overrating the capacity. But apart from that, the brand also has to think about how the size and shape of its shampoo bottle will fit in the space in customers’ bathrooms.

Lastly, customers often expect a bottle of shampoo to last at least a month in their house. With this in mind, brands come up with different sizes of shampoo bottles for different groups of users: single users, couples, and families.

Brands do a lot of research to decide on bottle sizes
Brands do a lot of research to decide on bottle sizes

Wrap Up

In short, to answer your question: how much does a bottle of shampoo weigh? There are four main sizes: 0.34 oz (0.06 lbs), 10.14 oz (1.35 lbs), 16.9 oz (2.25 lbs), and 33.81 oz (4.45 lbs).

Among these four sizes, you can choose whichever fits your needs the most. The smallest size is meant for single users who live alone or for use on the go as you travel.

If you want to calculate the weight of a shampoo bottle on your own, refer to this formula: (0.13 * bottle capacity) + bottle weight. It will take no time to find out how heavy your bottle of shampoo is.


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