How To Fix Uneven Bleached Hair

Have you been in search of solutions to Fix Your Uneven Bleached Hair? at home, If yes, then no other page can guide you better than this. People of the 21st century are quite fascinated by their hair. Hair is no more just a part of the face, but it is one of the most critical aspects of the present generation’s beauty and style. In the run of looking best among all, most teenagers and youngsters color their hair, for which they have to bleach the strands. Now bleach is something which damages the hair most. Here you will find out solutions for fixing uneven and bleached hair!

How to Start Fixing Uneven Bleached Hair?

If you are reading the article in search of the solution to fix your damaged hair, then it is time to wipe off your tears and apply some tips to improve them! There are many ways in which you can fix your uneven bleached hair at-home ease. But to initiate the procedure, you will have to find out a few things, including why your hair bleaching went wrong. Until and unless you find out where the problem began, you would not find a solution. Here is a list of issues and their details from where you can find out your issue. Let’s discover the reasons which can affect your hair now!

Dark Hair Base:

The most common problem that people face while bleaching their hair is that their base color is very dark. If you are new to the bleaching and color procedure, it would be good to keep someone who has expertise in the process. If you have a dark hair color by default and color your hair in some other color like blue, red, pink, grey, silver, or white, you would have to bleach your hair at first. What happens with dark hair people is that the bleach does not work correctly at first, and the root hairs turn orange or red, which compels one to reapply bleach more and more. Though, that is not the right way to do it. Dark hair bases have got deep underlying red roots in the scalp. If you do not apply an adequate amount of bleach to the hair in every part of the hair, then the hair might go blond by breaking color bonds in the first go. But if it does not work, you would have to find out the missed spots and reapply bleach to only those areas as the extra amount of bleach on unnecessary spots on the scalp might burn them.

Wrong-Way of Mixing:

There are a few things that matter while you select your products for bleaching. When it comes to your hair, you need to take special care of the products you apply. The bleaching of your hair can even go wrong if you make mistakes in mixing the products. All the bleaches come with a pouch of bleaching powder and a developer for breaking the color bonds in the hair. If you create a mishap in mixing the products well, you might have to suffer from bleach burns on your scalp skin. Too much of any one of the products can burn and damage your hair. The brand of bleach matters a lot when it comes to your strands. It would help if you went for only suitable quality bleaches and checked the manufacturing and expiry dates before purchasing. If you choose the wrong or damaged hair color brush, then applying the mixture to your delicate hair might go wrong and give you damaged and toasted strands.

Poor Application:

One of the most disastrous mistakes which most people make while applying bleach to the hair is the wrong way of spreading the mixture to the follicles. The method of using bleach on the strands depends on the quality of the inches. You might have thick or thin hairs, and according to the volume of the hair, you would have to divide the strands into perfect clean sections. After the hair sectioning, you would have to apply bleach to each section one by one. You can either start with the lower sections of the hair, end with the upper strands, or the other way round. If you do not do sectioning of the hair, the bleach might reach unevenly on several spots and damage or burn your hair. After proper sectioning and applying bleach on your hair, you can cover your hair with an incubation cap or a shower cap for the hairs to stand still and the bleach to do its magic! You can wait for a maximum of 30 minutes. If you wait for more than that, then your hair might go toasted entirely!

Now that you know what problems can cause unevenly bleached hair, you can move on to the next part of the article. In the next part of the article, you will find out the easiest ways to fix your uneven bleached hairs at ease. Keep an eye on the following features to discover ways to save your beautiful hair!

Uneven Bleached Hair

There are two main ways in which you can fix your uneven bleached hair. If you are still worried about the procedures, then worry not and implement the methods instead. One of the systems is a fast one, and the other is the slow one. But the good news is that both of them work fine! Give a read further to find out now:

The Fast Procedure:

Let’s get to know the fast procedure at first. If you are an office goer or an employee for any company or anyone who has to go out and meet people outside, then the fast procedure of fixing your uneven bleached hair is an ideal solution for you.

In the fast procedure, you can dye your damaged hair with a dark or deep color. When you apply bleach to your follicles, they turn blond. In the case of dark-based hair color, they turn lighter. If you plan to get your hair dyed after bleach damage, then cancel it right now as it can damage your hair more instead of hiding it from the world. The best way is to put on some dark shade on your hair, which can help you look presentable to the world.

The Slow Procedure:

Another way in which you can fix your uneven bleached hair is by using the slow process. You will have to wait for a long time in the slow process, at least 24 days, for your hairs to get a little habituated to the bleach. But in the meantime, till you get to fix your hair again, you will have to apply Jamaican castor oil every day to the hair roots to enable them to get more robust with time. The hair roots and shafts need some good span to redevelop nourishment and grow stronger as bleach dries out the hair roots, damages and burns them, and at last, the weak hairs fall off even in the slightest touch.

After 24 days, you can apply Truzone Peroxide, which is also bleach to fix the hairs. If you are surprised and scared while making the same mistake to your inches again, then worry not as reapplying Truzone Peroxide can help soften the damaged hairs and make them look even also.

Alternate Way:

When you apply bleach in the wrong way to your hairs, they dry out and fall off easily. Bleach makes the roots lose and damaged; your hair even stops growing and looks damaged without any nourishment. If you do not want to get into the complicated methods above, then the best way to fix uneven bleached hair is by growing them back. But you must be thinking now how bleached hairs are supposed to grow even after the stunted growth. Well, you would not have to raise the bleach hairs; instead, you can shave off your entire head and grow back beautiful natural inches again. Shaving off your head might look terrible for a few days at first, but eventually, you will get accustomed to the look. Keep in mind; bald is the new trending hairstyle these days!

All the above solutions might seem a bit complicated, but at the end of the day, you are going to get back your normal beautiful hair. Every complication, every hard work is worth it as you know, pain is beauty; beauty is pain! It would help if you did not randomly choose a solution from above to fix your uneven bleached hairs as the procedure somewhat depends on how to develop the ragged and bleached hairs.


You can go through the article to look for a reason from above to find the source of your uneven bleached hairs and then choose a solution accordingly. Worry less, pamper your hairs, take care of them, style them, and play with them by choosing the products wisely!


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