How to Get Purple Shampoo Out of Hair

Fashion has been an essential factor in most people’s lives these days. Items like designer clothes, fancy accessories, and tattoos are famous in this field. Just like this, people are also interested in changing their hair color to have a different look. Many people experiment with different types of hair colors to customize their appearance and have multiple hair colors. That is why the use of purple shampoo is famous, as it changes your hair color.



But like other hair colors or highlights, purple shampoo is not a regular hair color. The characteristics of purple shampoo differ from other shampoos or hair colors. A color pigment-based shampoo and applying it to your hair can neutralize and change your hair color. But just like every hair color, people want to change or remove it after a specific time. That is the reason we are here to discuss the removal process of purple shampoo.

About Purple Shampoo

The purple shampoo is a toning color shampoo that contains purple pigment, which is used to neutralize yellow tones on light color hairs. It is perfect and designed for blond hair as it is light-colored hair. However, according to the color wheel theory, purple is the opposite, and this shampoo can cancel out excessive yellow and brassy tones. Thus, this phenomenon helps in neutralizing the color tone of the hair.

Although it is mainly designed for blond hair, one can also use it on brown hair. It may act differently on brown hair than blond hair, though the basics are the same. The usage of purple shampoo in brown hair can work similarly. It helps in neutralizing the over-the-top brassy or orange tones and making the overall look much cooler and giving a pop to the highlights.

How To Remove Purple Shampoo Out Of Your Hair

There are specific methods and ways of getting rid of the purple shampoo from your hair. People want to remove their purple shampoo as they want their natural color back or overdone the purple tone. Either way, there are techniques that one can use to remove that purple shampoo.

The Cleaning Process:

The purple shampoo usually tends to fade away with time, so generally, you may not have to worry about it. But if you want to remove it right away, you need to go through specific processes. Firstly, you need to wash your hair using cleansing shampoo. You might need to do this several times, depending on the intensity of the purple shampoo. Then apply dandruff shampoo to clear excess oil, dirt, and dead skin from your scalp. Next, try adding baking soda to your shampoo while using it. This process can be too much for your scalp, so use a deep conditioner after this procedure. This will remove all the excess soda or other products, help condition and nourish your hair and scalp.

This entire procedure is to speed up the fading process of the purple shampoo and help clean it. However, you should not overdo this process. Try doing this less than 4 to 5 times a day, and doing it too much can damage your scalp and hair.

Chelate Your Hair:

Another method consists of chelating your hair. This one is much simpler than the previous one mentioned. Chelation of your hair refers to removing grease, oil, and other hair products from your hair. Usually, people do this process before the dying or coloring process, but you can also do it afterward to remove unnecessary colors and tones. You can use lemon juice and dishwashing soap. First, you need to wash your hair using only a little bit of dishwashing soap and rinse. After that, squeeze a lemon on your head, rub the lemon juice a little bit, and leave it for 1-2 minutes. Then rinse the liquid and wash with a deep conditioner.

Use Color Removing Products or Bleach:

Another process includes using color remover. This acts as a bleaching agent. There are various color removing products that you can apply to get rid of the purple shampoo. You can use bleach as well, but you need to be careful about it. There are many people to whom bleach does not suit and can be dangerous for the scalp.

Why do People Use Purple Shampoo?

Blondes and brunettes mainly use purple shampoo for neutralizing their hair’s orange, yellow or brassy tone. As mentioned earlier, this is due to people’s fashion sense and them having various hair colors.

The purple shampoo, just like any hair color, can fade over time. But generally, people don’t want to wait for that long period as they wish to apply a different color or have their natural one. In that case, there is some process by which one can get the purple shampoo out of their hair.

How does the Purple Shampoo Works?

The characteristic of any shampoo is when it gets in contact with water, and it gets diluted. After that, it is eventually rinsed out of the hair. But if that were the case with the purple shampoo, it wouldn’t have worked. That is why the formula of the purple shampoo is to have a very dark inky dye. If that is not the case, any color present in the shampoo would not impact and won’t be visibly detected. However, the color present in the shampoo makes a visible impact. This is because the color pigment needs to be very dark and concentrated. That is also the exact reason it stains your hair.

Does the Use of Purple Shampoo Damages the Hair?

Any fashion applying product has a chance of damaging that particular body part. It necessary does not damage the hair to that much of a degree, but one must be careful while using it. For example, purple shampoo is designed for light-haired people to have a perfect highlight tone and an overall pop. Using the purple shampoo on such light-colored hair could result in having highly dark stains. These dark stains are easily visible and can have a pretty harsh contrast instead of neutralizing the colors.

Also, whenever you lighten your hair using chemical substances or pigments like the purple shampoo, it tends to dehydrate the hair. In the case of purple shampoo, overuse or not being appropriately used can result in negative consequences. This can lead to your hair having unnecessary shades or patches that might ruin your looks or hair color.


You can use various methods depending on your choice and the circumstances. But whatever it is, you must not overdo it and be consistent. Thus, you can get rid of any unwanted tones or colors and have your style.

List of Removing Purple Hair Color Products

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