How to Get Purple Shampoo Out of Hair

Getting your blonde hair turned into purple could be a disaster for many of you here. This problem certainly drives you crazy about how to get purple shampoo out of hair. 

As usual, the purple shampoo is supposed to maintain the bright color of your hair and the tone. Why does this situation happen?

The main reason for this problem is that you don’t follow the instructions given, leaving the shampoo longer in your hair than usual or don’t wash it correctly.

Luckily for you, there are solutions to this issue, bringing your hair shade back to normal. Let’s read the article and choose your method.

Why Is Your Hair Purple After Using The Shampoo?

You can dye your hair purple using only the shampoo
You can dye your hair purple using only the shampoo

This shampoo contains a solid purple color that easily stains your hair. That’s why when you use the purple shampoo; the purple pigment may be stuck in your hair, making the purple stay in your hair during the neutralization yellow color process.

Consequently, your hair turns into various purple shades, from pastel to even gray ones.

There are many reasons for this incident; however, during our research, we see that there are three primary reasons:

Firstly, your shampoo is too robust. Consequently, after washing, your hair may experience undesirable purple tones. To fix this problem, ask for your hair stylists’ advice. They will know what’s suitable for you.

Secondly, you use the shampoo and leave it in your hair excessively. The only solution is to reduce the amount of shampoo and the time you apply it to your hair.

Finally, your hair is too porous, making it take in too much purple shampoo. If you are in this situation, ask your stylists about hair products and use them regularly.

As mentioned before, the purple color is only temporary and will disappear after each wash with your shampoo.

If you want the color to fade faster, you should wash your hair more than usual. The stain will be gone for good.

But some of you simply can’t wait that time amount, so here is how you can get the purple shampoo out of your hair quickly.

Will Purple From Purple Shampoo Fade?

Luckily, the answer is yes. These purple shades are only temporary. All you have to do is wash your hair with regular shampoo for a few weeks,

As mentioned above, you can use regular shampoo, but if you have anti-dandruff or clarifying shampoo, the effect and the time will be much enhanced and shortened.

Generally, the purple will fade after each time you wash, and finally, it will soon disappear in your hair without you noticing.

Ways On How To Get Purple Shampoo Out Of Hair 

Down here, we have provided you with five ways to get the purple shampoo out of your hair.

But, we have to warn you that even with the more straightforward method, it still damages your hair, and you need deep moisturizing products to retain the conditions.

Washing Your Hair With The Clarifying Shampoo

One of the most straightforward methods that you can do is to use a clarifying shampoo.

You should add the deep conditioner to take out the accumulation and cultivate your hair conditions during the process to restore its health conditions.

All you have to do is wash your hair with this shampoo-type two to three times to see the results, but you shouldn’t use it excessively in one day just to accelerate the removal, making your hair dry out quickly.

In a situation where you don’t have your clarifying shampoo at home, you can either use your usual shampoo or dandruff one. But we’ve discovered that dandruff will bring results to you more slowly.

Generally, this method will suit most people and cause you the least damage compared to other ones. The limitation is you need to be patient to wait for its results.

This video contains every knowledge that you should know about clarifying shampoo:

Washing Your Hair With Baking Soda

If you see that clarifying shampoo is not compelling enough for you, you can consider combining it with the use of baking soda.

This method is relatively simple; however, you need to pay attention to not damage your hair. Remember to use the conditioning after each session and wash the entire baking soda out of your hair.

Here’s what to do:

  • Firstly, create a mixture between your shampoo with one or two baking soda tablespoons. You can either use regular or dandruff shampoo
  • Then, apply this mixture to any area you want to eliminate the purple pigment
  • Now, you will wait for about 30 minutes; make sure you check your hair regularly
  • Finally, wash your hair with lukewarm water thoroughly, and you are done!

With this method, you also have to try a few times to see the results, but it will be effective within short periods, don’t worry too much!

Here is a video for demonstration this method:

Washing Your Hair With Dish Soap And Lemon Juice

Using the combination of lemon juice and conditioner for purple removal
Using the combination of lemon juice and conditioner for purple removal

If you want to get the purple color out of your hair right after the washing, consider mixing dish soap, lemon juice, and a deep conditioner.

Here is what you can do:

  • Firstly, mix the dish soap and the conditioner in the 3:1 ratio. Then add a few lemon juice drops to complete the mixture.
  • Then, massage your hair from tops to tips, wear the plastic wrap for approximately 15 minutes and wash your hair thoroughly.

You can also use a mixture between lemon juice and conditioner with this method. The only difference is that you will rest your hair in plastic wrap for about three hours.

The lemon juice and the dish soap will boost the removal of the purple color rate out of your hair, and the conditioner will moisturize your hair. Take notice that this process can damage your hair severely if you leave your hair hanging too long, so try to be careful!

Here is a video to help you visualize the process more clearly:

Washing Your Hair With Color Remover

In our opinion, this method is by far the most damaging but fastest way above all. We highly recommend this method for only emergency cases, and you need to be experienced in this field.

When using the color remover, reading instructions carefully is a must. Different products come with unique conditions and instructions; therefore, you should comply with them strictly.

One point you should know is that these color removers will contain colorations, changing your hair color. Make sure you use the deep conditioner and do not abuse this method.

Washing Your Hair With Bleaching

We advise you not to bleach your hair at home because of the lack of the proper technique; you may end up ruining your hair. But in certain situations, you must do this at home. And here’s how to do it:

  • First, you will use the volume-10 bleach powder together with the developer, complying with the manufacturers’ instructions
  • Then, add the shampoo to the combination, with the same amount of the powder
  • You will use your wet brush or plastic gloves to put the mixture into your hair, massage gently, and hang it there for some minutes.
  • Check your hair conditions continuously to ensure the purple color is eliminated. Finally, wash your hair thoroughly and use the conditioner to bring back your hair’s moisturization. 

Here is a recommendation of how you can bleach your hair:

How To Protect Your Hair When Removing Purple Toner?

Of course, when getting purple shampoo out of your hair, your hair will surely get drier; the only difference is that the bleaching method will make your hair most dehydrated, while the clarifying shampoo one is much safer.

Regardless of any method, using moisturization and deep conditioning is crucial to get your hair hydrated. You should know that getting your hair wet doesn’t mean you offer enough moisturization for your hair.

Getting your hair wet is similar to jumping into the water when thirsty. You are wet, but you are still parched. Using the deep conditioners will bring back hydration, making your hair softer and shinier.

Also, within a few weeks after the removal, remember to protect your hair from sun rays, chlorine from swimming pools, drink water, and wash your hair under cooler water.

And try to supplement keratin, increase the hair mask use frequency and opt for hair treatment from professional hair salons regularly. Your hair will be healthy within a short time!

How To Stop Purple Shampoo From Turning Hair Purple?

You Shouldn’t Use The Purple Shampoo Too Often

The purple shampoo should only be used once a week or every two weeks; both do not ruin your hair health and turn it into purple.

But, this time amount is only our recommendation, you should ask your hairstylists to know the precise time amount.

You Should Follow Proper Instructions When Using The Shampoo

One of the most common problems for blonde people is that you don’t follow the instructions. You leave the shampoo excessively on your hair, causing it to stain.

Therefore, when applying the purple shampoo, first of all, you should towel-dry your hair, comb the shampoo through your hair and leave it for about the time amount specified in the packaging.

However, during our research, we see that people only leave the purple shampoo in their hair for about three to seven minutes. And you should apply when your hair is wet instead of dry, avoiding too much pigment sticking.

You Should Moisturize Your Hair Often

One of the reasons that your hair turns purple after using the purple shampoo is that your hair is highly porous. Consequently, your hair will absorb more purple pigment than usual, leading to the purple-stained.

That’s why you should always moisturize your hair to keep your hair always softer and shinier and not to stain the purple shade.

Other Tips 

If you have blonde or colored hair, this is a section for you.

Firstly, you should only alternate between purple shampoo and regular shampoo. You should determine the brassiness level you want to decide the time you will use the purple shampoo.

For example, if a person wants their hair to be white blonde, they will likely use the purple shampoo twice a week. In contrast, if you simply want to neutralize your hair’s yellow tone, only use the purple shampoo once a week, leaving the rest for the regular one.

Secondly, always remember to use moisturization or deep conditioning hair products. You don’t want your hair to look highly porous, right?

Finally, when using the purple shampoo, remember to cover your clothes and use gloves to avoid staining your hand. You should wear dark-colored clothes.


What Will Happen If You Leave The Purple Shampoo For Too Long?

Leaving the purple shampoo too long on your hair will cause excessive drying out since this shampoo is much stronger than other types. Moreover, it also causes the purple pigment to linger in your hair temporarily.

Can Purple Shampoo Damage Your Hair?

The purple shampoo will not damage your hair if you use it properly.
The purple shampoo will not damage your hair if you use it properly.

The answer is yes and no. It has the potential to damage your hair if you use it too often, leave it longer on your hair, or your shampoo is of low quality.

In contrast, if you use it correctly, it will accompany you in neutralizing your hair tones, maintaining the ash-colored that most of you are fond of.

How To Get Purple Shampoo Out Of Hair Extensions?

All you have to do is wash them with clarifying shampoo in this situation. After a few times, the purple shade will fade away, and your hair extensions will be back to normal.

To accelerate the process, you can wash the hair extensions with clarifying shampoo two to three times per day. However, remember that this will also dry your hair extensions, and you will not want dry hair extensions on your head.

Watch this video if you are new to this field.


After reading the article, we hope you know how to get purple shampoo out of hair. It’s not that hard, and we are sure you can apply this knowledge to your life.

In short, if you want a safe but requires time to take into effect, try to use the clarifying shampoos. In contrast, if you want fast methods, simply choose to use the color remover or bleach your hair at home.

Regardless of methods, you need to be aware that any process has drawbacks, and using the conditioner will reduce the damage. Here’s the end of our article. Goodbye and see you in the next one! Thank you.


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