How To Grow High Porosity Hair?

Are you worried about how to grow high porosity hair? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. There are several hair types, including high, average, and low porosity hair. The porosity level of the hair indicates its capacity for absorbing water. Most people with high porosity hair face many problems in growing them because the hair type absorbs moisture quickly but cannot hold it. If you have high porosity hair and do not know how to grow them, keep an eye on the following article for unique tips and tricks!

Tips to Grow High Porosity Hair

High porosity hair can be quite disgusting at times as it does not tend to grow much. The hair type does not absorb moisture in the low humidity days, whereas it becomes frizzy in the high humidity days. Either of the conditions results in entangled hair. The following tips and tricks can help you take care of tall porosity hair and grow them into beautiful ones:

Apply Aloe Vera Gel and Coconut Oil:

Aloe vera gel has got high moisture content in it. If your hair is of high porosity, you can apply the aloe vera gel to your hair shaft and scalp for hair moisture absorption. The aloin composition in aloe vera gel has got high minerals for the growth of high porosity hair. But aloe vera gel alone can only hydrate your dry scalp and shaft but cannot retain it.

Coconut oil has the capacity of retaining hair moisture in high porosity hair. One of the easiest ways to apply coconut oil to the hair is to warm the oil a bit and apply it to the scalp. It will help if you massage the scalp by rubbing the warm coconut oil. The massage would drain in blood in the hair cuticles and open the follicles for better hair growth. Coconut oil and aloe vera gel act as a magician in sealing in moisture in high porosity hair.

Apply Hair Conditioner:

Hair with high porosity faces the problem of hair damage now and then. High porosity hairs can absorb every moisture-related chemical in the atmosphere. There are possibilities that your hair might absorb harmful chemicals, colors, hair dyes, etc., for gaining moisture. But it only ends up damaging the hair ends by forming into splits and also roughens the hair.

The only way to repair the damaged shafts is to apply a suitable hair conditioner. Hair conditioners rebound the broken hairs and give them a new shape and shine. If you use a hair conditioner on your high porosity hair shaft, then you would repair the damaged ends at ease. It will help you smoothen your hair and lock in moisture to give it a healthier look.

Try Out LOC Methods:

Growing your high porosity hair can be quite challenging at times. If you have problems growing your high porosity hair, then you can try out the LOC method. Confused right? LOC stands for Liquid, Oil, and Cream. The first step is to apply water or any liquid-based product for moisturizing the high porosity hair. You will have to wet the hair as much as possible for the hair’s proper moisture content.

The second step is to apply oil to the hair scalp. It helps in sealing in moisture to the scalp and the shafts for hair growth. The warm oil seals the open cuticles in the scalp, which naturally prevents hair loss. You can go for hair oils rich in minerals and positivity like argon oil, olive oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil for sealing in moisture in hairs with high porosity.

The last but not the least option is to apply a suitable cream to the high porosity hair. Deep conditioning and other cream treatments to high porosity hair can seal in moisture to another level.

Hair Care Proteins:

One of the critical reasons for stunted hair growth in high porosity hair is the loss of protein. Your hair is one of the most delicate parts of the body. It not only makes you glow in beauty but also adds elegance to your looks. How would it be if you had frizzy or dry hair strands which appear without any shine? You might not be able to move in public at times because of your damaged hair. They become so dry and brittle that even the slightest pull can affect the breakage of your damaged hair. If you have a similar hair breakage issue for high porosity, you can quickly go for a protein treatment.

The hair protein treatment seals the broken ends and broken hair shafts. Protein treatment repairs the hairs with high porosity forms a protein wall outside the damaged hair parts and prevents breakage. It smoothens the hair and makes it grow.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

People from the very past have been a huge fan of apple cider vinegar for hair growth. Especially when it comes to damaged hairs with high porosity, apple cider vinegar can be your hair’s best friend. The mixture of apple cider vinegar and water in high porosity hair can help you deal with the hair pH balance. The acidic property of the vinegar can allow you to soften your high porosity hair.

Most of the high porosity hair comes with curly cuticle ends. Curly ends often lead to entangled hair shafts, which automatically prevent hair growth. If you apply apple cider vinegar to your hair, then the acidic composition would affect the cuticles from deep within and straighten the cuticle hairs. This would act as a catalyst to hair growth, exceptionally high porosity hair.

Choose Shampoos Wisely:

When choosing the right shampoo for your hairs with high porosity, you need to be more careful than usual. All the shampoo types are not for your hair. Various shampoo compositions might harm your already entangled, frizzy hair with high porosity. If you want to protect your hair with high porosity and promote hair growth, you must avoid shampoos with challenging compositions. Hard shampoos with Sulphates can be quite harsh on your hair. They can break down the strands with high porosity from the roots and create considerable gaps in between. Hard shampoos demote hair growth and promote hair damage. It damages the high porosity hairs so that all the existing natural oils drain out of the inches and make them more brittle, prone to breakage. You can try to understand what your hair type requires and eventually adjust in that way, which might help in hair growth.

Avoid Heating:

People of the 21st century often go through a cycle of hair damage care and other tips on dealing with hair damage because of the increasing rate of high porosity hair issues. If you have high porosity hair, you might have to give hair heating a second thought. Hair heating might not be an ideal choice you can make for your high porosity hair.

When you apply a hair blower or flat irons to your high porosity hair for straightening them for better management, it burns the shaft and takes away moisture from within. The hair becomes dryer than usual, out of its natural shape for heating and ironing, and weak. They fall off easily and break from the middle. Hair heating can bring in more split ends, which prevents hair growth. If you have to use heat in the hairs with high porosity, you can go for a heat-protecting serum at first. You can also use a diffuser in the hairdryer end for lightening the heat. Using the cooler air might also work suitably and promote hair growth even in high porosity hair.

Deal with the HairBrush:

People often run out of time for their busy lifestyles. Some comb their high porosity hairs roughly somehow with a comb or brush and run for work, while the others forget to touch their high porosity hair. The situation should be neither in your case. If you want your high porosity hairs to grow, you can choose to brush your hair instead of combing them. High porosity hairs can be quite tough to detangle and brush at times. But you need to sit with an adequate amount of time to detangle every strand of hair.

You should not rough in brushing your already coarse hair. It would only cause hair breakage and hair loss. Women from the 80s and 90s used to follow various styles of hair brushing to avoid hair loss. It will help if you look for a suitable hair brushing style to not lose any more hair with high porosity. Dividing the hair with increased porosity into equal halves on either side of the scalp and using a brush gently to detangle might act as a beautiful way for your high porosity hair.

Besides the above tips on growing high porosity hair, you can also go for heavy oils and creams that prefer to stick onto your hair with high porosity for shaft repair and hair growth promotion. Go through the above article to discover ways to care for your hair now!


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