How to Know If Your Hair is Damaged?

Are you confused regarding having hair damage? If yes, then you are on the right page. Hair damage is a burning issue in most youth in the 21st century. It is not only a triggering problem among the young generation at present but also the youngsters and the aged ones. Most people consider hair as an essential part of their life. And hair damage seems so unfair! If you are unsure about your hair damage issues, the following article will help you better understand your hair problems!

Signs of Hair Damage

If you are confused regarding your hair damage, then here are basic signs you might come across. The best way to notice hair damage is by noticing the few signs as follows:

Stunted Growth:

The first sign of hair damage is nothing but stunted hair growth. Human hair grows a few inches every single day when they get proper nourishment. But there are times when you might notice little or no growth of hair in a long time. You might try your level best to have long hair over time but eventually, notice no growth. Most of you call it “bad hair days” in the 21st century. But the best thing which you can guess from such bad hair days is the first sign of damage.

Frizzy Hair:

The next thing most of you might come across at least a few times, even after having the best quality hair, is frizz. Frizzy hair is one of the most common hair damage issues most women and men of today’s generation face. Hair frizz can be a sign of hair damage or dirty hair. Some people get so frustrated with hair frizz that they deny going out at those times of the year because they cannot comb their shiny locks properly.

Split Ends:

Another vital sign of hair damage is nothing but split ends. Yes, you read it right. Do you know that almost 90% of the women of the present time face hair damage issues, and among that 90% of women, almost 70% of them have split ends in their hair? If you do not know what split ends are, then here is some essential info for you. You might roll or stretch your hair shafts on the combs while combing your hair. You might notice a few unequal hair strands coming out of the bunch, and most of them might even have two ends. Those are not twin sisters on your hair ends, but split ends which indicate hair damage in a straightforward manner!

Breakage and Shedding:

Are you suffering from hair loss recently? If yes, then it is time to call your stylist and take some essential tips to protect your delicate hair. People of the 21st century are more into vibrant hairstyles, including hair dyes, extreme heat, and other harmful paraben shampoos. But most of them are unaware of the hair damage all these materials cause. Such hair damaging stuff often turns the locks weak and leads to extreme hair loss and breakage. Unequal length and broken ends of hair make one look ugly and dull.

Dull hair:

Most of the youth of the 21st century love to experiment with their beautiful locks. But most of the beauty salon products are mixed with parabens for long-term use and other harmful chemicals at the same time. All such things can quickly dehydrate your hair at once. People do not prefer using oil or other nourishments to the hairs, which makes the locks look dead and unhealthy. In such cases, the damaged bits of hair break from the middle and fall off, which eventually snatches away the hair’s natural shine and makes them dry and dull.

Lack of Moisture:

There are times when your hair feels extremely dry, and the scalp turns out to be itchy. If the same things happen to you, you can guess it to be a sign of hair damage. When your scalp becomes itchy, or your hair feels dry, it indicates the heavy dehydration of the roots. But you have got nothing to worry about because warm hair oil and other hair supplements can quickly rehydrate your hair at once! The one thing which you need to avoid in such circumstances is to stop using conditioners frequently. As conditioners often block the scalp pores and prevent them from getting any moisture.

Tangled Locks:

Have you ever come across such a day in your life when you just finished washing your hair, and when you try combing them, you find them all tangled within themselves? If yes, then you are looking at a great example of hair damage. Yes, tangled hair is one of the main symptoms of bad hair damage where every time you comb your locks, they seem to be dead and dried up, which makes them stick on to each other more.

Heavy Dye:

Have you ever heard of hydrogen peroxide damage on hairs? If not, then you have been missing a huge chunk of hair damage facts. If you are crazy about dying or coloring your hair in vibrant shades, then you might look cool and sway with the trends and even get thousands of likes on your social media profiles. But you also need to be aware of the hair damage you are causing to your beautiful locks. Hair dyes consist of a high amount of hydrogen peroxides and other chemicals capable of frying your hair strands. Once your hair gets damaged with hydrogen peroxide, you would not have any other option rather than chopping them off your head!

Heat Damage:

You might notice most actresses and models swaying in the trend with millions of followers and likes on Instagram only for a new look with straight hairs. You might want to be one of those social media sensations without knowing the reality behind such beautiful hair strands. Everything seems colorful and bright on screen in various film industries, but the sad truth behind such exotic beauty is nothing but damaged, dull hairs. Different hairstyles require heavy heat in the procedure of curling or straightening your hair. It might seem quite fascinating initially, but eventually, you would end up losing your beautiful hair due to severe heat damage.

At last, you have come to the end part of the article where you can focus on the proper selection of products for your hair. What keeps you waiting further? Try out different measures to protect your beautiful locks now!


I am Jessica Coles, a hairstyling and trends expert who also holds a master's degree in cosmetology. I am one of the leading hair care experts who has been offering support round the clock.

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