How To Lighten Hair With Developer And Shampoos

It is always better to master the tips and tricks to lighten the hair using developer and shampoo and look beautiful and gorgeous. One should follow the various steps and do not jump the gun to lighten their hair; the desired results would not be achieved. It is time to discuss the steps and the techniques to have light-colored hair.

How To Lighten Hair With Developer And Shampoos

Looking attractive flaunting beautiful hair is one of the most popular methods for women and men. People make different hairstyles by cutting them in different styles, shaping them up, or trying various knots and dying and coloring. Hair dyeing and lightning are quite popular these days, irrespective of age. There are many products and shampoos available in the market that can lighten your hair. Still, not all are of good quality, and more so, if the proper method is not known, these chemicals can damage the hair instead of beautifying them.

The Reason for Lightening Your Hair

One not only lightens the hair to reduce the hair tone but also eliminates any existing dye. Again, lightening the hair helps to hide the fragile strands and makes one look beautiful. Hair lightening is also required when you want to dye your hair with a particular color. One can use bleach and other chemicals to lighten the hair, but if the trick is not known correctly, they can permanently damage the hair and even turn bald. Therefore it is best to lighten hair to use a developer mixed with a shampoo for the purpose.

The Steps for Lighten Hair With Developer and Shampoo

If you think that lightening the hair is an overnight job, then it is not correct. Well, indeed, the hair gets lightened within few hours, but the entire process involves some steps that are time-consuming but keeps your hair in good health.

1. Preparing the Hair:

Before applying the developer and the shampoo to lighten the hair color, one should nourish their hair and prepare it for the process. It is best to use some hair nourishing oil that is readily available in the market. One should apply the oil at least for two weeks before lightening the hair. You can use even olive oil at home and massage the scalp, the middle of the hair, and the ends. Allow the oil to sit on the hair for at least an hour before rinsing. Use a shampoo that does not contain sulfate while washing off the hair. Before the day you intend to lighten the hair, it is best to use an oil-based mask. Many people prefer to use a coconut oil mask. Apply the mask of your choice and leave that overnight on your hair.

2. Preparing the Mixture of Developer and Shampoo to Lighten Hair:

To make this preparation, you will need a 10-volume developer, bleaching powder, any shampoo that you use a plastic bowl, rubber gloves, and a soft cotton shirt preferably used before. You can use your old T-shirt or any other outfit.

Now, take the plastic bowl, mix two tablespoons of peroxide or the developer, and two tablespoons of beaching powder. Mix well till a homogenous mixture is formed. Note that the developer levels vary from brand to brand, and as the level increases, the concentration of peroxide in it also increases. For less damage to your hair, it is always better to use a developer with lower levels.

Take the shampoo and add it to the homogenous mixture of the bleach and the developer. The volume of shampoo should be equal to the volume that you normally use to wash your hair. Add some conditioner to the mixture.

3. Applying the Mixture on Hair:

Once the mixture is made, it is time to apply the same. However, like all skin applications, an allergy test should be done. A little test can save your hair and the skin from permanent damage or any medical complications. Therefore, it is best to do a patch test on your hand, preferably on the elbow. It is itches, or the area becomes red, consider yourself not suitable for bleaching agents, and do not proceed further. You can feel or notice any skin reaction within three minutes. If you see that your skin is okay and you do not feel any itching, and then proceed to the next step.

Wear an old T-shirt or a dress and wet your hair. Wet well like you do after applying shampoo to your hair. Take a towel and dry your hair well. Now wear the gloves and start applying the mixture to your hair with the help of a brush.

Apply them on the area where you want the hair to look lighter in color. If you intend to lighten your entire volume of hair, then start from the middle of the hair and proceed towards the end. Then apply the mixture to the roots as they bleach faster.

After you have completed applying the mixture, wear a shower cap. Wait for your hair to lighten but remember to check the hair color at frequent intervals and continue until you get your desired color. As soon as the desired color is reached, one should rinse the hair, preferably with warm water, to wash all the residues. After you have washed your hair, use a mild shampoo and a conditioner to complete the process.

4. Some Points to Ponder:

Depending on your hair’s natural color and the desired lighting you want, allow the mixture to sit on your hair.

Again, if you have bleached your hair before, 10 minutes is enough to get the desired result. If you have dark hair, it is best to sit the mixture on your hair for 30 minutes and not more than that; else, your hair might get damaged. While using a developer with a higher volume, follow the sitting process for 15 minutes only else the higher peroxide level can do more damage to your hair than lighten it.


With little care and following hair lightening without jumping any steps can give you the desired results. Use a good quality developer and a shampoo for the purpose and feel the difference. It is time to flaunt your hair and get applauded by your admirers.

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