How to Make Thick Coarse Hair Soft?

Do you have thick and coarse hair? If yes, then you have come to the right page. The increasing pollution in the atmosphere is one of the reasons behind coarse hairs. Especially when it comes to women, they care about their hair more than a bank balance. It is not easy to deal with rough and thick hair, especially when you have plans for the weekend. If you want to smoothen and soften your thick, coarse hair, then you can keep an eye on the following article to find out how to make coarse hair soft.

Tips on Turning Coarse Thick Hair into a Soft and Beautiful One

Everyone wishes to have individual hairs for flaunting in front of the whole world. But managing your thick and coarse hair for weekend plans is one of the worst things you would like to do during your holidays. Half of the day goes after hair care routines. But can you at all get rid of such problems? Yes! Here are a few tips on making your thick coarse hair turn soft and smooth without applying much effort. Give it a read to find out now:

Use Natural Ways of Drying:

Most people in the 21st century prefer taking a wash in the morning before joining their offices. Most women tend to wash their hair before leaving the house only to wear a fresh look. If you are one of them, you must use hair dryers to get rid of wet hair after wash. But that is the second-worst thing you can do to your hair, leaving your hair wet still being the first. When you turn on the hair blower’s heating button, you start destroying your good hair days. The heat is responsible for killing the hair shaft bounds and cause split ends, which demotes hair growth. If you do not want your hair to turn coarse despite being thick and healthy, then you can use a cotton cloth or a quality towel to dry your hair. If you feel you do not have much time to dry them with natural things, you can use the hairdryer but in a calm wind mode where your hair dries out of cool air from the machine.

Stop Daily Shampoo Sessions:

Women prefer keeping themselves clean and perfect every day, and so many of them shampoo their hair daily. Who would not choose soft and silky hair every day? You have a misconception if you think shampooing your hair daily can help you stay refreshed and clean. If you shampoo your hair twice a week, that is going to serve your purpose. Daily hair washes can roughen your thick beautiful coats and destroy them. Initially, you might feel that daily shampoo sessions can give you soft and silky hair every day. But eventually, it turns out to be a nightmare you never want to have. The shampoo chemicals take away all the vital minerals and oils from the scalp and shaft, which automatically makes the hair coarse. If you want to keep your thick and coarse hair tangle-free and damage-free, then you will have to avoid shampoos and conditioner’s daily use.

Concentrate on Your Diet:

Junk food is one of the reasons behind coarse hair issues. If you have not got a healthy diet yet, then it is high time you get one. A diet full of proteins can help you grow smooth and soft hair because the hair shaft consists of proteins. They start getting coarse and thick when they do not acquire good protein content to produce. If you want to grow your thick, coarse hair, you might have to depend on fish oil like that of Salmon, which can help your body get omega 3 for hair growth. You can also go for protein diets consisting of nuts, pulses, and seeds to grow your thick, coarse hair strong, soft, and healthy. One of the main things you can get from the protein diet is beta carotene, an essential component of hair growth. It is better to stop worrying about hair growth and reduce stress and concentrate on a healthy diet.

Stay Hydrated:

Do you know that dehydration can cause thick, coarse hair? Yes! People of the 21st century run after work to earn a decent living, often forgetting themselves. If you have a similar routine, you have a high chance of having thick, coarse hair. Thick, coarse hair occurs due to dry scalp issues, which is the outcome of water scarcity in the body. If you want your thick, coarse hair to grow, then you must keep your body hydrated. In case you do not know how, you need to intake healthy and fresh fruits like cucumber, squash, papaya, guava, etc., with high water content. Green vegetables can also serve the purpose of hydrating your body and scalp. You need to drink liters of water in a day to keep your body hydrated and thus, avoiding thick, coarse hair. One of the most harmful things you should avoid in growing healthy soft hair is sugary drinks like cold drinks and other artificial beverages. They contain dehydrating agents like carbon-di-oxide and forms uric acids in your system.

Look for a Suitable Shampoo:

Another amazing thing which you can do to your hair is to choose the shampoo and conditioner wisely. When it comes to your hair care, you need to be specific and precise about products’ choices. You need to understand your hair type and eventually choose the most suitable products for your hair, satisfying its needs. You can go for specialized shampoos for thick, coarse hair. Deep conditioning conditioners might be for the thick and coarse hair types. Besides choosing the right product, you also need to be quite careful with applying techniques. Some people wash their hair in a hurry and often end up damaging them and developing coarse hair. If you want your thick, coarse hair to grow, then you can try to be gentle to your coarse hair while washing. Using lukewarm water for wetting the hair before wash also helps to some extent. It would help if you did not forget to massage your scalp correctly with the shampoo for the best results. Deep moisturizing conditioners can help you get back the softness of your thick hair at ease.

Use Hair Masks:

If you think that only face masks are beneficial to your face, then you are wrong. There are also hair masks available in the market which you can use to make your hair look prettier and lively. Regular hair oils act as the best hair mask for home uses. You can use warm hair oil for scalp massage to get back the soft and thick hair. There are various hair mask creams available in the market, which come with the benefits of minerals and essential oils for moisturizing the lifeless hair shafts in the best way possible to get rid of thick, coarse hairs. You can choose hair care products with Moroccan oil, argan oil, olive oil, amla, etc. When it comes to homemade hair masks, you can go for a mixture of egg yolk, honey, curd or milk, oil, banana mixtures, and avocados. They go deep down the scalp, reach the hair cuticles, tighten the pores, and straighten the thick, coarse hair to a soft and healthy one.

Go for Coconut Oils:

Your hairs might turn out to be coarse for the lack of moisture and minerals. Coconut oil can act as a savior to your dry and rough, thick hair. Do not let those beautiful waves go in vain when you can save them with warm coconut oil. You can apply the warm coconut oil to your scalp and then massage it in the best way possible. It will repair the damaged parts of the shaft by giving a coating of minerals and making the blood flow smoother in the scalp, which will help hair growth. Do not forget to verify the oil brands first.

Hair Rinses:

Thick and coarse hair appears to be dead and lifeless all the time. It is high time to bring them back to life with hair rinses at home. You need to select the best ingredients for making the hair rinses naturally. You would have to find out hair valuable like the tea tree oil, lavender, jasmine, and spearmint extracts, eucalyptus oil, and many more nourishment-providing components. You can mix all these components in water and put them in a sprayer. Whenever you feel like giving nutrition to your lifeless hair shafts, you can spray your thick, coarse hair slightly with the hair rinse. Using the mixture twice a week can be quite beneficial.

Co-Washing Technique:

There are times when you run late of time and have to attend an extraordinary event. You even run short of shampoos at the same time. But you need not worry as co-washing is the best solution to your problem. You can use a moisturizing conditioner directly to wash the dirt off your coarse hair. After applying the conditioner, you can go for hair oils and serums designed for thick, coarse hairs to avoid the conditioner reaching the scalp part.

The above tips and tricks might be quite helpful to you in handling thick and coarse hair growth. The unique hair care routines can help your thick and coarse hair to grow. Try them now!


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