How To Style Natural Hair After Washing

In our constantly busy lives, we tend to provide less attention to ourselves and more attention to surviving through our worldly needs. As the days progress, it has become increasingly important to take care of ourselves for two main reasons like presentation and, more importantly, self-care. Starting from the way we dress to the way we present ourselves, all of it counts as in today’s professional world. The way you present yourself matters more than a lot of things.

When talking about appearance and looks, we can talk about a number of things starting from our skin texture, skin tone, the way we dress, the way we carry ourselves, and the clothes we choose to put on. However, one of the most important parts of one’s appearance is the hairstyle one chooses to wear.

Hair is considered to be a treasure for one and all. A head full of hair is a source of confidence and adds a lot of protection to the skull. Apart from that, the way you take care of your hair and style is quite important today when people care about the way you present yourself. More than anything, natural hair has its own value. It does not matter what shape, style, or texture your hair may have, but it is important how you look after it.

In this article, we will take a look at the ways in which one can style their natural hair, and then you can try to incorporate some of the styles based on what you like and prefer.

How To Style Natural Hair After A Wash?

How Styling natural hair should be a part of everyone’s routine, considering how it strengthens your hair and nourishes it. One of the vital steps of hair washing is to make sure that the moisture is locked into the hair shafts. There are different ways in which one can style their hair after a wash. By different steps, we mean that there are different stages, and each of these stages has its own importance.

Moisturization – The Key To Good Hair Styling

Almost every hair specialist in the world would tell you that hair moisturization is of the utmost importance as it nourishes the hair strands and protects them from severe damage. There are three different ways to get your hair moisturized.

1. Applying Moisturiser:

As we mentioned before, the point of moisturizers is to seal the moisture in the hair shaft. No matter when your wash days are, the moisturizers lock in the essential moisture and keep the hair healthy. Most of the hair moisturizers you will find in the market are water-based, making them a great option to apply on wet hair.

Applying moisturizer on wet hair is that it seals in the already present moisture and adds nourishment. However, the latter is much more effective than anything else. In case your hair is sensitive to protein-based products, it is better to use moisturizers and milk.

A great solution to building up moisture in the scalp is by using hair milk. One can choose between moisturizers and milk to determine the deep conditioning type that they want.

Both moisturizing milks and water-based moisturizers contain various essential oils, emollients, and humectants.

2. Leave-in conditioner:

If you wish for your hair to be nothing short of strong and thick, then leave-in conditioners are your best bet. Leave-in conditioners work best for cases where one does not have enough time to carry out a well-planned conditioning and moisturizing routine. Moisturizing hair takes time, and leave-in conditioners work to ensure that people can utilize their time efficiently and provide their hair all the nourishment in a short time.

Check for leave-in conditioners that come with hydrolyzed proteins.

3. Apply Oils:

Oiling hair has a large number of benefits. This could range from increased blood supply to the scalp to providing stronger and denser hair on the scalp. One could oil their hair before a wash and also after wash. No matter when you apply oil, it acts as a seal and seals in the moisture. Other benefits of oil include:

  • Reduction of frizziness
  • Less dryness
  • Start for a good wash day

Styling Natural Hair After Washing

1. Pony:

A pony is one of the oldest ways of styling natural hair as it keeps the hair away from damage. A pony keeps the hair away from the face and together in a bunch. One can spice up a regular ponytail with a half bun style where the bun is kept at the head’s center, with the rest of the hair falling into a ponytail.

Take inspiration from Ariana Grande and tie up your hair in a high pony to look fashionable day in and day out.

2. Half up half down buns:

We spoke about this in our previous suggestion – the half up half down buns are what makes hairstyling after a wash super easy. It is one of the hairstyles that look natural as well. The half up half down bun has taken the internet by rage and currently is one of the topmost hairstyles that all social media influencers are sporting. This hairstyle lets you keep the pony and combines the bun with the long tresses look.

3. Bantu knots:

The name may sound funny, but this is a hairstyle that is easier than it looks. This is an option that does not require you to do your hair now and then. Bantu knots can last a couple of days if you take care of your hair.

The knots you make for your hair can either have a clean look or a tangled look. Once you take out the knots, you can have an excellent wavy effect on your hair. The best part about these knots is that they can be made on any hair length.

As far as moisturization is considered, the knots seal in the moisture and keep the hair healthy after a wash day.

4. Mini Buns:

This retro hairstyle is one that has stayed back with the world. This hairstyle is so simple that it requires rubber bands and hair partings – that’s all. You can choose to keep the number of buns high or low depending on the look you want. You can also choose to keep the buns at the crown of your head while leaving the rest of the hair falling back on its own.

5. Pineapple Style:

Pineapple is the world’s favorite hairstyle as it is nothing but simple. It is a high ponytail that looks like a pineapple on your head when the hair falls around the head to break this look down. If you have a curly texture, make sure to preserve the curls on your head after a twist and tie.

The pineapple trend is in with the curly girls as all they need to do is accumulate all the hair in one place, twist it and clamp it together with a clip or a rubber band. The curls on your head become the pineapple’s top while your head acts as the main fruit.

6. Mohawks and afro:

There are unlimited styles under this hairstyle. You can either choose to get an undercut or long hair to sport either a Mohawk or an afro. Let us talk about a mohawk first. This hairstyle will require some hairspray or hair gel to ensure that the tuft remains in place. Most hair requires detangling with a wide-toothed comb and then parting your hair into different sections. Clip the hair onto its place with some hair clips. As you brush one section, apply some hair spray or hair gel, and then leave the hair pinned at the back of your head.

Once you take all the clips out, use a comb to make a puff using a brush or a wide-toothed comb. The baby hairs make afro look cuter.

A sleek down afro is all about a washed down afro look that makes your mane ready for an office party or a date night. The sweaty look on the hair is one that most girls are going after these days.

There are a hundred more hairstyles for a wash day meant for different types of natural hair. All one has to do is identify what hair type they have, their texture, and the haircut they have. The hairstyle depends on the hair length and the other factors that we just mentioned.


The hairstyles for natural hair on a wash day have more benefits than you can imagine. You can seal in the moisture and make sure of the same by using moisturizing milk or moisturizer. No matter what the case may be, make sure to take good care of your hair so that it lasts longer and is stronger. A good person with a good hairstyle is one that grabs attention wherever you go.


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