Main Ingredients of Shampoo to Keep Your Hair Healthy

When it comes to skin or hair care, we tend to become a lot more conscious. The never-ending problem of hair fall split ends and dull or rough hair are major concerns for people now. Therefore, you need to know what are the Main Ingredients of Shampoo have commonly and how can those help your hair grow and make it strong at the same time.

This guide is here to aid you in gaining knowledge about shampoo and conditioner. This will help you to be more aware while choosing your regular shampoo and conditioner. When you check the main ingredients section of your shampoo, you generally see the names of a lot of chemicals mentioned there.

Most of the time you remain clueless about its benefits. All you need is smooth, voluminous, and strong hair and also a way to bid adieu to the underlying problems with your hair.

However, knowing about the ingredients will help you choose a shampoo that suits your hair perfectly. So read on to get relevant insight.

Here are the Main Ingredients of  Shampoo

You may have often wondered about ‘what are the main ingredients of shampoo’. So here is the list for you to understand better.

Zinc Pyrithione

Scalp conditions like itching, dryness, and dandruff are very annoying and cause serious damage to your hair. It not only makes your hair dull but also you can suffer from extreme hair loss.

Zinc Pyrithione attacks the inflammatory and fungal issues in your hair by eliminating such hair problems. Some suffer from terrible hair loss.

Zinc pyrithione ingredients in the shampoo help a shampoo user to restrain hair loss. The ingredient is useful in reducing the reddened effect on your hair scalp.

The ingredient cools down your scalp by reducing the bacteria in your hair that frequently affects your hair growth.

Detergent lauryl glucoside

Maximum shampoo manufacturing brands use sodium lauryl sulfate as the surfactant to create foam and emulsify dirt from hair.

The truth is, those ingredients are not friendly for your hair at all. Multiple users have complained about irritation caused due to it. Whereas, choosing a shampoo that has detergent lauryl glucoside is a far better option.

The ingredient is gentle, has no side effects at all and it’s friendly for your hair. It effectively removes dirt from your hair without any side effects at all.

Sodium Laureth Sulfate

A lot of shampoo users will confuse it with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, which stands for SLS.

The Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) belongs from the same sulfate family, but it’s less harmful than SLS.

That’s because a number of dermatologists and hair experts believe that the percentage of the chemical elements causing scalp irritation is comparatively low in this element. Well, that makes it a bit user-friendly material for your hair.


Panthenol is another important material that contains Vitamin 5. One such ingredient is quite useful for human hair. This particular chemical composition moisturizes your hair.

The chemical is being used for hydrating and conditioning the hair. One such element can retain the strength of your natural hair growth in the long run.

Citric Acid

Citric Acid is another important factor that must not be overlooked while choosing a shampoo. While browsing the main ingredients in a shampoo, a user must look into the pH balance it.

A shampoo with a low pH balance is suitable for your hair. A shampoo with a low pH value means that the product is quite reliable to use for sensitive skin and hair.

Since you’re looking for a hair-friendly ingredient, it’s an important factor to look into.

Cocamidopropyl Betaine

This particular element is a far better option than SLEs or SLS.

The element is found in the crowd-favorite coconut oil extract. The product is a mild cleansing agent used for your hair.

The product is quite effective as it cleanses and softens hair with the slightest chance of irritation or no irritation at all. Some users have a habit of buying shampoo by seeing advertisements and commercials.

Well, it’s quite normal for every manufacturer to call their shampoo brand the best. That’s why, before purchasing a shampoo always pay a look into the ingredients available in the shampoo.

If needed you might scan the internet to know about the brand before purchasing it. If you find that the brand denies usage of harmful chemicals in it then only you might place the order for buying it finally.

Before purchasing any shampoo look into the elements mentioned above. Identify the elements by matching them with the hair-friendly elements discussed above.

If you find any of those elements matching with the beneficial ingredients in the shampoo discussed above then only place an order for it.

If you’re not sure about the authenticity of the ingredients, consult a hair expert first to choose a shampoo that comes with hair-friendly ingredients.

A few Do’s and Don’ts while applying Shampoo to your Hair

Multiple times users forget to remember the important factors while using shampoo. If you care about the health of your shampoo, there are a few do’s and don’ts that you must not disagree with at all.

Taking a look through a few don’ts and do’s to keep your hair healthy in the long run. They’re:

Wash your hair regularly

It’s better to wash your hair regularly. But don’t over wash it. It’s sufficient to wash your hair once in a day. That’s sufficient for hydrating your hair.

Avoid excessive washing, it can affect your dry fragile hair. That’s another reason for which you need to choose the right option in the long run.

Use moisturizing shampoo for your hair to get it hydrated. That keeps your hair clean and it’s perfect for daily use.

Don’t be rough with your scalp

Your hair scalp is a sensitive part, handle it with care always. If you’re looking ahead to scrub it put a little elbow grease on it.

Scratching your hair scalp roughly might cause serious damage to your hair follicles. Sometimes it leads to flaking. Use a scalp massage brush to apply shampoo to your hair.

That way your hair exfoliates lightly.

Choose a shampoo that compliments your hair

Before applying any shampoo look into its pH balance. If the pH balance of the shampoo is not given, then avoid buying the shampoo.

A branded shampoo has got the pH balance of the ingredients printed on its body. That way, you may choose the right shampoo for your head.

Don’t change your shampoo brands too frequently

Avoid changing the shampoo brands too frequently. Try sticking to a specific brand. That way, you can take care of your hair properly from time to time.

If you’re changing the shampoo at all, look into the ingredients first. The shampoo ingredients must be the same as the shampoo you used earlier.

Then only you might choose the right shampoo for your head.

Apply shampoo on the scalp and then gently scrub it

Often shampoo users apply shampoo on the hair and then scrub it randomly. It’s the wrong way of applying shampoo.

Always apply shampoo on the scalp and then gently scrub it all over your head. Roughly scrubbing your head with fingers might affect your hair texture and can turn it curly.

That’s why, always avoid rough scrubbing your hair after applying shampoo on your hair scalp, and rather scrub it gently.

Avoid using hot water while shampooing hair

There’s a myth that warmth is an important factor only when it comes to your body.

It’s true until you’re using it on your body after a long day’s work. When it comes to hair, it’s better to avoid warm water on it.

Taking a full-body bath (except hair) in warm water is quite a relaxation after a long day’s work. Whereas, when you’re using it on your hair you’re compromising with its natural growth.

If you’re using shampoo on your hair remember to reduce the temperature of the water as much as possible.

Shampoo mixed with cool water for washing your hair is quite effective to wash hair. On using warm water for hair wash, your hair may face the following consequences,

  • Hair skin drying out
  • Excessive dandruff in your hair
  • Broken hair follicles

Always use cold water to wash your hair, to retain its strength and longevity.

There are multiple shampoos and conditioners available in the market. Not all of them might suit your hair texture, type. Before choosing a hair shampoo for yourself, it’s always wise to do a bit of research work at first.

Such research work might help you to select an ideal shampoo for your hair that’s free from harmful chemicals.

These are a few things that you must not forget as a user before applying shampoo to your hair.


I am Jessica Coles, a hairstyling and trends expert who also holds a master's degree in cosmetology. I am one of the leading hair care experts who has been offering support round the clock.

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