What Does Purple Shampoo Do To Red Hair?

Everyone wants to look attractive, draw the attention of others. It may be the unique dress that one wears, the tattoos in the body, the jewelry, or even managing the hairs in a different manner. One of the best ways of changing the appearance is dyeing the hairs and flaunting the looks, particularly for the fairer sex. People use a variety of colors to dye their hair, and one of the most favorite colors is red. However, as the hair grows naturally after dyeing with red color bringing out the original hair color or the red dye fades over a time, or few strands turn orange due to overlooking, the overall appearance looks clumsy.

So what died one do in these types of situations? It is not possible to dye the hairs now and then. One of the best solutions is to use purple shampoo so that the orange strands disappear.  Maintaining dyed hair is really difficult, but using the purple shampoo, one can look ever attractive with red-dyed hair.  Let us discuss in detail the magic of purple shampoo on your red-dyed hair.

Maintaining the Dyed Hair

Before anyone dyes their hair with red color, they think maintaining them is easy. However, in reality, one has to run to the parlor or the saloon at regular intervals to maintain the shade. Every time one visits the saloon, one has to cough up the astronomical bills of maintaining the hair, and it turns out to be a regular, costly affair.  Therefore, it is best to use some toning shampoo to maintain proper shades. It can be done at home without spending much.

One can keep the red hair well maintained, and after using the purple shampoo, the hair will look like it has been dyed recently as there are no orange fading shades.  In other words, we can say, if you want to maintain your red hair, the purple shampoo should be in your toiletry box at all times. There are many types of purple shampoo, and t is better to know which one to use and which ones are to be avoided.

A Bit About the Colors

The color molecules of the red dye that you use on your hair permeate the cuticles of the hairs and begin to fade them after a few days of application. Again, regular hair washes, using ordinary shampoo or the rays of the sun, oxidize the molecule of the red color and makes your hair look copper or orange in color. We must know that blue and violet are opposite colors of orange and yellow.  You can find it better in the color wheel. As blue and violet are opposite colors, and as they are present, they will neutralize the effects of yellow or orange tones on your faded hair.  Many women get the chunks as early as 15 days after dying with red color.  The hair, as well as the entire appearance, turns to look horrible and people avoid going out in public.

On the one hand, one is concerned about the cost of maintaining the red hair going to the salon, and on the other hand, they do not step out of their home as they look horrible. The best solution is to use the purple shampoo, get rid of the orange chunks, and keep the red-dyed hair well maintained. One can purchase any of the best purple shampoos and use them. They are relatively cheap and do not burn a hole in the pockets, unlike visiting the saloon after every 15 or 20 days.

Basically, the purple shampoo is used to neutralize the brassy color of your bleached or blonde hair, following the same color theory as mentioned above. The shampoo generally contains violet or purple pigments in crushed form, and as one applies the shampoo on the faded hair, the red color returns, making the hair shinier. Thus, it helps you reduce the salon visit and cuts down your hair maintenance expenses considerably.

Using the Purple Shampoo

If you are thinking of using purple shampoo to maintain your red hair, please remember that it is not for regular use. It is best to use shampoo when you notice some orange chunks or strands on your red hair. One should always use the purple shampoo with a gap of three to four days in between.

It is best to use the purple shampoo alternating with the best quality sulfate-free regular shampoo, mainly meant for dyed hair.

1. Clean your Hair First

As you notice orange strands or chunks on your red hair, use a good quality shampoo to clean the hair of the dirt and the oils. It not only cleans your hair but also opens ups the cuticles so that as you use the purple shampoos, the color penetrates and holds on to the hair. Inspect your hair care for the areas that need to be toned, and then apply the purple shampoo only on those areas.

2. Applying the Shampoo

Make a rich lather and foam using the purple, allowing it to sit for about four minutes. This time will vary according to the condition of the fading of your red dyed hair. However, one should be careful about the sitting time as to much time can turn your hair partially blue, and the use of purple shampoo for the specific purpose will fail.

3. Rinse the Hair Properly

As the sitting time of the purple shampoo is over, one should rinse the hair with plenty of warm water. Now, use a sulfate-free conditioner so that the hair cuticles are sealed with the color, and you get your red shine back on the faded areas.

4. Dry your Hair

After applying the purple shampoo and washing the hair after the waiting period is over, use a towel to absorb the excess water. It is best to wrap the hair like a turban or use a hairdryer to dry it entirely. One should always read the instructions for using the purple shampoo given by the manufacturer on the packet before using it.

Tips to Follow to Maintain your Red Hair Using the Purple Shampoo

As you try to maintain your red hair using the purple shampoo, follow some of the tips so that your hair does not fade out in quick instances.

1. Moisturize and Hydrate your Hair

One should always moisturize the hair regularly with a good mask to maintain the natural moisture balance on the scalp and thus the hair. Using a mask at least twice a week works best. However, it depends on your skin condition and how many days your skin stays hydrated without washing it with water. If you want to spend a little more money to keep your hair hydrated for a longer time, it is best to purchase a bottle of organic coconut oil rather than using any commercial masks. The hair will look shinier and bring out the red color to the best, making you look fabulously attractive.

2. Avoid using Products Having Sulfate

After you have dyed your hair red, never use a product that contains high salt content. Read the compositions of any shampoo or mask and make sure that they are free from sulfate. The salts present in many hair masks and shampoos fade the red color of the hair fast and make it look messy.

3. Use Dry Shampoo

The molecules of red dye are bigger in comparison to other colors. That is one of the reasons why the red color fades more frequently than other colors. If you want to prematurely bleach your hair and get rid of the red color, then washing it with water is the best solution. But you want to maintain your red color. Therefore, using a sulfate-free dry shampoo along with a leave-in condition thrice a month at an interval of 10 days will keep your scalp as well as the hair clean and let you feel fresh. In addition, the dry shampoos do not need water, and thus one can retard the fading of the red color.

Buying the Purple Shampoo

The market is flooded with many brands of purple shampoos.  One should always buy the best amongst the lot after reading the contents and the ingredients used in them. The thumb rule of using a sulfate-free purple along with the masks and conditioners or coconut oil shampoo should always be on the top priority. The best purple shampoos are available online as well as offline.  Read the reviews before sealing the deal with a particular brand to get the best effects.


By now, you must have gained enough knowledge about what purple shampoo can do to your hair, when and how to use it and what things are to be avoided to extend the red color of your dyed hair. It is best to use the purple shampoo without any fear on your red hair and cover up the orange and faded strands as chunks. It is one of the best pocket-friendly ingredients to tone up your red hair and keep you ever attractive with perfect shinning and bouncing colorful red hair. So it is time to enjoy your beauty, maintaining the red hair using the best purple shampoo.


I am Jessica Coles, a hairstyling and trends expert who also holds a master's degree in cosmetology. I am one of the leading hair care experts who has been offering support round the clock.

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