What Does Purple Shampoo Do To Red Hair?

Purple shampoo is so familiar to most of us, but using it on red hair is a different story. This post will show you what purple shampoo can do to your red hair!

Once you choose to color your hair red, it may appear that maintaining the color’s vibrancy and freshness will not be a concern at first.

Unfortunately, as time passes, you may notice that your blazing red locks are turning yellowish and, in some cases, brassy! In fact, the chunks do not improve your looks, so the obvious alternative is to eliminate them.

Instead of going to a hair salon, you can consider using purple shampoo at home as an excellent treatment.

What does purple shampoo do on red hair that has begun to acquire brassy or yellow shades? We will show you this post, along with a few helpful suggestions on how to use purple shampoo to get the most out of what it has to provide.

What Exactly Is Purple Shampoo And Its Working Principle?

Purple shampoo is a toning shampoo that contains a violet color pigment helping to neutralize undesirable yellow tints on blonde, platinum, natural gray, dyed hair, or bleached hair to avoid the appearance of unwanted dull blonde.

What is the working principle of purple shampoo? The answer is that it depends on the color theory, which states that when two contrasting hues are mixed, they delete each other.

The working principle of purple shampoo is based on the color theory. 
The working principle of purple shampoo is based on the color theory.

Purple is diametrically opposed to yellow, which means they can get rid of each other. Once you use purple to shade your fading hair, it will cool down the level of the yellow tones, returning a more platinum tone.

Overall, purple shampoo is an important step that you can do at home in keeping colored blonde hair looking vivid and healthy without going to the hair salon.

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Is It Acceptable To Let Purple Shampoo Stay On Red Hair?

In general, you can use purple shampoo on your red hair, and the result is the same as that of blonde hair.

It is because brassiness in your red hair looks orange, which is in the same color family as yellow. Therefore, purple pigments help to cancel this color.

In other words, purple shampoo is intended to eliminate undesirable yellow or orange tones from your hair. Also, the purple shampoo can improve the hue and give it less drab.

If your red hair has gone yellow as a result of coloring, you should use a purple shampoo because it will restore the color of your hair to its original state.

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What Does Purple Shampoo Do To Dyed Red Hair/Hair Color Red?


If you have gingery natural hair which has not been dyed before, purple shampoo is unlikely to make a difference.

It can remove yellow shades to leave your hair less bronzy and redder once you have some highlights or lighter blonde/orange/red/orange in the hair. Even so, do not wait for a significant alteration since this shampoo is not designed for red hair.

If you want to keep your gingery natural color, you better avoid purple shampoo.

Dyed Red Hair

In general, using purple shampoo on your dye red hair brings you two main benefits.

Remove Unwanted Orange Tones

As previously stated, you can use purple shampoo to prevent and remove unwanted colors without affecting your hair.

Purple shampoo can help you get rid of undesired orange tones. 
Purple shampoo can help you get rid of undesired orange tones.

Bring red hair’s vivid condition

Red hair is frequently brassy, so keeping it vibrant and natural-looking.

When you use purple shampoo, the purple pigments will penetrate the hair cuticles, remove the yellow tones, and stay there even after shampooing. Once the dull yellow color is removed, it will leave the hair shiny, look better and last longer between salon appointments or at-home dyeing sessions.

However, purple shampoo may have a distinct effect on different types of dyed red hair.

Warnings: Purple shampoo on dark red hair

Purple shampoo is not suitable for dark red hair because this shampoo neutralizes the yellow pigments in the hair strand. It is better for the lightest tints as yellow is exposed once you bleach the hair to obtain lighter hair hues.

Whatever powerful purple shampoo may appear, it will not be able to eliminate brassiness in dark and medium hair, which seems to pull red and orange tones. Some toning solutions will work better on such underlying pigments.

In addition, if you have a dark mahogany hue that resembles black or dark brown, your brassiness most likely appears as reddish copper streaks rather than yellow.

In this case, you should look for a blue shampoo to help neutralize the brassiness in the deep red strands because blue is the opposite of orange in the color wheel. Thus, if your hair is darker red, skip the purple shampoo.

Purple shampoo is not suitable for dark red hair. 
Purple shampoo is not suitable for dark red hair.

Furthermore, the color molecule in red hair dyed or highlighted fades over time, resulting in the appearance of orange or yellow shades. Then, purple shampoo will solve that problem as well.

However, purple shampoo should not be used if you want to keep the orange and yellow colors.

What Are The Methods Of Applying Purple Shampoo To Red Hair To Achieve The Best Results?

Before applying purple shampoo, many people frequently wash their hair with regular shampoo to remove accumulated oil and dirt. However, this is unnecessary because purple shampoos can work on your hair just like regular ones.

Let’s take the following steps to apply purple shampoo to red hair and get the best results:

  1. Apply a sufficient amount of purple shampoo to your hand comparable to your hair’s length, then apply it to wet hair.
  2. Apply it towards the ends of your hair and move up to your scalp. By doing so, you may ensure that you have distributed the pigments evenly.
  3. Allow it to sit in your red hair for 2-3 minutes. If you have many brassy tresses, you can let the purple shampoo stay on your red hair for 4 minutes. Depending on the product’s instructions, the waiting times can vary.
  4. Shampoo your hair carefully to get rid of any remaining shampoo.
  5. Apply conditioner to your hair.
  6. Allow 3 minutes for the conditioner to soak into your hair before rinsing with warm water.

You can do the process again as necessary until your hair no longer appears colored.


  • For daily shampoo

You can use purple shampoo to replace your regular one daily till the orange shades disappear. After that, switch back to your regular shampoo.

You can reapply the purple shampoo every day if you realize brassy tresses are reappearing.

  • For treatment shampoo

It is essential to follow the instructions of the manufacturer because too much of it can significantly change your hair’s color. The frequency of reapplication ranges from 1-2 times per week to once every three weeks.

Importantly, you should use regular shampoo between those washes if you use treatment one to maintain healthy hydration levels in the hair.

How Frequently Should You Utilize Purple Shampoo On Your Red Hair?

First, the frequency of use is determined by what you intend to use the purple shampoo for.

  • If you only want to maintain the color of your hair, once per week will suffice.
  • However, to remove unwanted shades, you may need to raise the frequency to twice per week, as well as the dose.
  • In case you have never used purple shampoo before, we suggest using it only once per week at first. As a result, you may be able to put the procedure under your control and steadily strip off the hue until you attain the ideal shade.

Second, the product itself will also determine how frequently you should use purple shampoo.

Many purple shampoos should be applied once per week, while others are recommended to be incorporated into your routine several times per week till brassiness is disappeared.

The amount of brassiness in your red hair also determines how frequently you should use this shampoo.

Last but not least, remember that you should not use purple shampoo in place of your regular shampoo because it has a lower cleaning ability and a harsher composition. As a result, it is unsuitable for daily use.

Several factors affect the frequency that you should apply purple shampoo. 
Several factors affect the frequency that you should apply purple shampoo.

What Are Some Suggestions To Get the Finest Result From Applying Purple Shampoo To Your Red Hair?

Consider The Waiting Time

Once washing your red hair using purple shampoos, you should be mindful of the time because allowing the formula to remain on your hair for too long may result in a blue shade.

Use A Towel

In addition, after you have finished washing the hair, pat it dry with a dry and clean washcloth to capture any excess water.

To prevent dyeing your clothes, wrap the washcloth around the shoulders until your hair is airdried.

Choose The Best Purple Shampoo

To get the best results from using purple shampoo on your red hair, picking the best product is necessary. To save your time and effort, you can consider our top pick products below as suggestions:

Our first choice is the L’Oreal Paris Elvive Color Vibrancy Anti-Brassiness Purple Shampoo, which contains purple pigments that aid in neutralizing brass, keeping color vivid between colorings, as well as nourishing your tresses.

To more tone your tresses and hold in moisture, you can use it in pair with the L’Oréal Paris Elvive Color Vibrancy Purple Conditioner.

Framesi Color Lover Dynamic Blonde Purple Shampoo is another option for you. What we like about it is that it contains proteins, quinoa, conditioning agents, and protectants, all of which may help your red hair be moisturized and nourished.

Also, using this product, you can maintain your red hair color lightener and more refined for a more extended period.

Deep Conditioning

You have to use purple shampoo with a good conditioner, which can be a purple conditioner or any regular conditioner.

Because the shampoo is strong, it will be damaging to your hair. The conditioner may aid in moisturizing and prevention of damage.

Checking antioxidants if they appear in the ingredients list is an ideal way to spot a good conditioner. Also, sulfate-free, clear conditioner can help you keep your red color.

Besides, utilizing a deep moisturizing hair mask once you have rinsed your hair is good because it may soften your hair and smooth out the frizz. However, it is a must step if your hair has been bleached.

In addition to using a weekly hair mask or deep conditioner treatment, you can condition your hair with hair oils, hair serum, and a leave-in conditioner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Purple Shampoo Bad For Your Red Hair?

First, the cool purple pigment in this shampoo will not harm your red hair. However, as we mentioned above, if you let it stay on your tresses for too long, those pigments may go too far and convert your tresses into a tint.

Hence, keep in mind how long you let the purple shampoo stay on your hair. It is best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

However, unless you are familiar with the product, you should use it for a shorter time to see how your hair reacts. Gradually, you can leave it on for extended periods.

Second, because the purple shampoo’s formula is quite harsh, leaving it on your hair for too long can cause it to become dry and frizzy.

If your hair is highly porous and dry, you should pay close attention to the color correction as it will be more susceptible to the effects of the purple shampoo.

What Kinds Of Shampoos Can You Apply On Your Red Hair Besides Purple Shampoo?

Red shampoo

The red shampoo is best for those with dark red hair since it improves red pigments, increases vibrancy, and provides UV protection.

The Joico Color Infuse Red Shampoo is our top pick for the best red shampoo. Using this product, you can keep your color-treated red hair intense and glamorous, which combats the fade of vivid ginger tones.

You may enhance those fabulous red shades, bringing lustre and brightness throughout 12 rinses. Also, it reduces breakage and gives your red hair healthier, less susceptible to fading, and gorgeously shiny.

Pink shampoo

This color complements red tones since they are adjacent based on the color theory. The additional hue works best on light reddish hair.

Even so, if your red hair has highlights, counsel your hairstylist before applying because the shampoo can cause the highlights to take on pink tones.

Non-tinted shampoo

The non-tinted shampoo is excellent for all red hair tints since it maintains lustre without significantly affecting the color.

What Makes Red Hair Color Fade So Quickly?

Since the color molecules in red pigment are relatively more extensive than in other hues, the first few times you dye your hair red, the pigment will not wholly enter the hair cuticle and discolor your hair.

It implies that it may slip out of the hair cuticle with each rinse.

Besides, several other factors are making your red hair fade so quickly, including UV radiation, too much shampoo (the less you shampoo your hair, the more vibrant the color will remain), harsh shampoo (shampoos coming with sulfates and salts are known to damage colored hair), and chlorine and saltwater, etc.

In general, red hair color will fade noticeably within four weeks. Therefore, it may take several efforts to get the pigment to adhere to your hair. Despite that, red hair is still easy to fade and appears brassy or orange.

If you are a newcomer who intends to use purple shampoo on your red hair, we suggest you watch this video for further information:

Final Thoughts

You can now answer the question, “What does purple shampoo do to red hair?” When used correctly with this shampoo, the red color of your hair may look brighter and fresher.

We hope you find this helpful information. In addition, we also hope our guide will help you to some extent with your hair care routine to achieve a healthy and vibrant hair color at home.


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