What Is The Capacity Of A Shampoo Bottle?

The shampoo is definitely a familiar product to all of you, but have you ever paused and examined the average shampoo bottle size?

Whether to satisfy your curiosity or to serve other purposes, learning about shampoo bottle dimensions proves more fun than you can imagine! 

Let’s keep reading and find the answer to the question “What is the capacity of a shampoo bottle?”

What Is The Capacity Of A Shampoo Bottle

There is no universal capacity of a shampoo bottle. The exact measurements will vary from one manufacturer to another. And sometimes, it also depends on the country’s laws and regulations.

But generally speaking, you are likely to come across shampoo bottled in 200ml, 300ml, and 500ml.

Rest assured that these numbers are not randomized. Rather, they are products of rigorous research and marketing strategies.

Below are the detailed explanations regarding the target customer, intended usage, and why companies decide to sell their shampoo this way.

The capacity of a shampoo bottle is usually 200ml, 300ml, and 500ml
The capacity of a shampoo bottle is usually 200ml, 300ml, and 500ml


200ml is the equivalent of roughly 6.7 oz of shampoo. It is small and compact enough for single-use, so anyone living on their own or using a specific type of shampoo from others will benefit directly from this capacity. 

If you wash your hair two to three times per week, chances are this bottle will last for roughly one and a half months.

For those with short hair and who do not need much for each washing session, 200ml can be used for approximately two months.


300ml is the equivalent of 10.1 oz of shampoo. This capacity is slightly too much for individuals, as they will have to stick to a particular type of shampoo for at least three months before it runs out. 

Therefore, 300ml is better designed for couples who share the same hair care product, especially if it is a man and a woman. This is because women tend to have more hair and are more willing to spend time taking care of them. 

On the other hand, most men have short hair and do not use much shampoo. Thus, having a shampoo bottle of 300ml ensures a continuous use of at least a month for both of them.


500ml is the equivalent of nearly 17 oz of shampoo. If an entire family of three or four all use the same kind of shampoo, 500ml is enough for one to two months. 

You may notice one similarity in these capacities. While the actual size differs from one another, it is always intended to last for no more than two or three months.

This is to encourage more buying behaviors from the customers, as they have to replace their products rather frequently. 

Furthermore, it ensures that customers do not get bored of having to use one type of shampoo for an extended period, giving them enough freedom to alter among different choices.

500ml of shampoo is enough for family-use
500ml of shampoo is enough for family-use


While 200ml, 300ml, and 500ml are the norms, there are still several exceptions when shampoos are bottled in different capacities.

These include travel-size shampoo bottles of roughly 100ml, small samples ranging from 5ml to 50ml, and treatment shampoo.

Which Measurement Is Used For Shampoo Bottle Capacity?

The measurement used for shampoo bottle capacity depends heavily on where the products are sold.

Since countries have unique measurement systems, you will have to dig a bit deeper to understand the most popular measurements.


Millimeter belongs to the metric system, which is standardized in most parts of the world. The only three exceptions where millimeter is not considered common are the United States, Myanmar, and Liberia.

In case you want to have a quick comparison, each millimeter is one-thousandth of a liter.


Gallon is one among the most common measurements for any liquid
Gallon is one among the most common measurements for any liquid

There are two versions of gallons currently being used.

  • The first one is called the imperial gallon, which is converted into 4.5 liters. The imperial gallon is native to the UK and the Commonwealth, as well as some Caribbean nations.
  • The second one is the US gallon, which is converted into 3.7 liters.  

Fluid oz

Fluid oz is short for fluid ounce, which is used mostly in the US and the UK.

The former one is equivalent to 28.4ml, while the latter is the same as 29.6ml.

Factors That Decide A Shampoo Bottle Capacity

There are various factors that determine the capacity of a shampoo bottle. The most important ones include the ingredients, customer research, and hair research. 


Shampoos are made from a wide range of ingredients, each having unique volumes, weights, and characteristics.

All of these measurements will directly affect the capacity of a bottle, which means manufacturers have to carefully consider what to put in their products. 

If highly dense, heavy substances are used within the process, no doubt that the capacity will be much larger than using watery, lightweight ones.

That is not to mention colorants and smell additives. Typically, such additions cause the shampoo to become heavier. If you have a look at colored and/or smell-added shampoo versus transparent shampoo, the difference is stark.

Customer research

Making shampoo appealing to customers is the end goal of brands’ lab researchers.

Thus, there are three tenets associated with customer research that manufacturers have to take into account when bottling their items.

Learning about customers provides brands with more accurate insights to manufacturing their shampoo bottles
Learning about customers provides brands with more accurate insights to manufacturing their shampoo bottles

Firstly, it is about the price.

Cheaper is not necessarily more desirable, as many consumers are more invested in buying things that are worth their cash.

You might not need super small bottles with ridiculously low price tags. All you need is a reasonable price on capacity ratio.

Secondly, it is about the intended period of usage.

If the bottle is too small, customers may get irritated from having to buy the product over and over again too frequently. But if it is too big, you lower the return percentage and make it more difficult to infiltrate the market with new products. 

You will need your bottles to be just right so that customers can use them for roughly one month or two before purchasing a new one. 

Thirdly, it is about how much space your bottles will take up when placed on the shelves for display or when the customers put them in the bathrooms. If the capacity is too much, you end up extending the width and height of the bottle itself, making it more cumbersome and difficult to hold. 

Finding the right balance between the size and the actual capacity ensures your products catch the attention of customers.  

Hair research

Blonde hair needs a different shampoo than black hair, and dyed hair needs more specific types of shampoos than natural hair, and so on. As hair types and colors vary, so do the suitable shampoos. 

If manufacturers want to have an ideal capacity for their shampoo bottle, they must consider the needs of people with different hairs, alongside their geographical locations and percentages in a given market. 


How long does a bottle of shampoo last?

The average time frame for a bottle ranges from 2 to 3 months. However, if you are a frequent hair washer, you can expect your shampoo bottle to dry up within the first month.

But if we are talking about the expiration date of shampoo, then the numbers can be anywhere between 12 and 24 months.

Each type of shampoo has a unique date, so make sure to check the manual and try to use all of it before the recommended time runs out. 

Are shampoo bottles allowed on airplanes?

Make sure to comply with the regulations if you intend on bringing shampoo bottles on board
Make sure to comply with the regulations if you intend on bringing shampoo bottles on board

Yes. You can bring shampoo bottles on airplanes, as long as you keep the capacity under 3.5oz.

As most shampoos are not bottled in such a small capacity – with the exception of samples – you can extract the shampoos into smaller bottles for easier transportation.

How many bottles of shampoo do you use in a year?

Research shows that an American uses an average of 10 to 11 shampoo bottles per year.

That being said, the number can go up or down significantly, depending on how long your hair is, how often you wash it, and whether it requires additional care. 

Which is the better estimate for the capacity of a shampoo bottle?

Generally speaking, anything from 6.7oz to 17oz (200 to 500ml) will best fit the capacity of a shampoo bottle. Admittedly, there are certain items outside of this range, but they are pretty rare.


What is the capacity of a shampoo bottle? Hopefully, at the end of this article, you will already know the answer.

Next time when you are out shopping, check the label and see whether this capacity is designed for your needs!


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